The world is awash in bullshit.

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Politicians are consummate performers

by scott pickard

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Politicians are consummate performers…

When it comes to politicians, let the citizen be on their guard. Successful politicians are consummate performers possessing a good sense of humor, a flair for the dramatic, a winning smile, a talent for schmoozing, good timing and how to work the moment and the crowd, a gift for gab, and quick on their feet. With these talents, a politician can talk about anything from technical to non-technical; local to global; silly to important; a topic they know something about to a topic they know nothing about. They may not always know what is best, and they may not always be good decision-makers, and they may not always be truthful or trustworthy, but they ARE determined and clever survivors and will always tell a majority of the voters what they want to hear to sustain their position.

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