by Scott Pickard

think2ool is a browse engine for the wandering mind, connecting one topic to another at the speed of a click, along the edges of new ideas.

think2ool is a dynamic book of content that is created and destroyed on a daily basis to maintain a zero-sum fixed size.  One new idea is posted each day to make you think, to surprise you, and to give you a random starting place for browsing.  think2ool is freely accessible on any mobile device with an internet connection.

think2ool uses these questions to filter content:

  • Will this item still be relevant a year from now?
  • Will it make you think about things?
  • Will it challenge you?
  • Is it excellent or praiseworthy?
  • Does it address permanent and universal human concerns?
  • Is it a big idea, game changer, disruptor, breakthrough?
  • Will it influence other great works?
  • Is it respected by experts?
  • Is it cool and on the edge?
  • Does it reflect the spirit of the times?

think2ool’s topic format has been carefully designed for the wandering mind to enable easy browsing.  It is packed with valuable content components: hierarchical position within a big picture context; in-a-nutshell quotes; good questions and (links to) good answers; big ideas; good books/authors; cross-references to the most relevant topics; grayed-out placeholders for future content; yellow-highlighted last post.

The library of world knowledge is like an accelerating train speeding at a pace beyond our grasp, so think2ool captures a curated sampling as the train flashes by. It is a dynamic, never-ending book that aims to sift and curate the best and most enduring of our shared global society.

Scott Pickard