On Being Outside

Your best “experts” are anybody over 50 because we literally grew up being outside and have now lived through a transition period and observed the differences between our generation and today’s.  There is nothing that replenishes and repairs the soul like being outside and connected with weather, nature, randomness, and serendipity.  Outside, it was a giant playground, stage, and whiteboard for creating and making up things as you went.  We could hardly wait to run out the front door and be with our friends, and it was sad to have to go back inside.  Unfortunately, the awareness of this special gift is slipping away with each internet minute.

Natural exercise

by scott pickard

I love to exercise (run, play sports, lift weights) but I am also a big fan of what I call natural exercise: mowing the lawn; biking to work; splitting firewood; cleaning the gutters; trimming and planting; raking leaves; putting up the storm windows; and, I could go on.  You’ve got to do these chores anyway, so why not think of it as also getting in your workout!