Fourth Industrial Revolution

Human Society Production and Utilization of Wealth  Are we on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution?  Will it be a force for good or evil?  Will it provide new opportunities for all, or will it exacerbate inequalities? Davos ‘16 > Randomness/unintended Economic Theory and Systems Economic Theory: index of economic freedom Economic Systems Historical development of economic systems Capitalism Centrally-planned systems Appraising economic systems The Consumer and the Market Scarcity, utility, and value: behavioral economics: | Valuation Consumer behavior: Buying Decisions | inelasticity Markets: markets hate uncertainty Price system in capitalist economies Organization of Production and Distribution Organization of the production of goods Marketing and Merchandising Inputs of the productive process Institutions that facilitate business formation, production, output Money Currency & Exchange Stock exchanges: AI Banks International: Bank for International Settlements BIS economic statistics business organization stock markets: Volatility Index (VIX) fear index Agricultural economics International trade Government’s role in production & distribution: privatization Methods of business organization Advertising & Promotion Distribution of risk Consumer credit: Don’t use a credit card for a loan sp Distribution of Income and Wealth the rich get richer and the poor get poorer Matthew Effect Distribution by categories of the population: Forbes 400 | gini coefficient How government affects the distribution Capitalism Taxation Laffer Curve postulates that no tax revenue will be raised at the extreme tax rates of 0% and 100% and that there must be at least one rate where tax revenue would be a non-zero maximum. Poverty Macroeconomics National income and employment theory misery index unemployment: U3 and U6 Intl. equilibrium and disequilibrium Business cycles Inflation and deflation key indicators: monetary velocity Economic Growth and Planning Nature and causes of economic growth Planning for economic growth and stability Government Finance Growth  books, forums, journals: innovation: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Schwab | behavioral: Misbehaving Thaler | Capital in the Twenty-First Century Piketty big ideas | Stealth of Nations by Neuwirth | The Mystery of Capital De Soto | The Wealth of Nations Smith | Wall Street Journal | World Economic Forum Davos

Davos 2016: Fourth Industrial Revolution


Global Trends 2030

Time Future  Has technology given us the opportunity to flourish, or to self-destruct? Why can’t we remember the future? What is emerging? What impact will it have?  in general: The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Kay | aircraft/car | digital archive of you: lifenaut | education: Houston Foresight, thefutureschannel | energy: The Future of Energy | food: The Future of Food NG | gamification: gaming the future | history: Italian Futurism Manifesto 1909 | paperless society portals: BBC Future, Matter longform journalism, paperless society, PBSK Labs editorial |  time capsules: one second per day think tanks: extremism: Challenging Extremism, quilliamfoundation |, bakas, fastfuture, Institute for Global Futures, iftf, thefuturelaboratory | atlantic council | big issues:,, | directory: | energy security: Institute for the Analysis of Global Security | European security: European Leadership Network ELN | international affairs: chathamhouse | long-term thinking: Club of Rome, futuristspeaker,, longbets, Long Now Foundation | survival of the species: Future of Humanity Institute, Future of Life Institute  books: forecasting: Global Trends 2030, Superforecasting Tetlock big ideas > Predictive | Future Science Brockman | Future Shock | Hybrid Reality Ayesha | The Competition of Ideas Weidenbaum | The Extreme Future Canton | The Revolution Will Be Digitised Brooke | The Tyranny of Dead Ideas Miller

SOURCE: International Futures Model


Data-driven community investment plans

Loveland Technologies work together to present property information, help you collaborate around data with a team, and survey properties from the field.

Social Organization and Change Cities History of cities growth: city lights tell the story of the spread of humans across Earth historical layers: HyperCities decline of cities Baltimore: end-of-era row houses Detroit: detropiathefilm | attacking blight with citizen-driven data: Loveland  Utopia/Dystopia Urban Planning history 1869: Riverside, IL farming rooftop: brooklyngrangefarm | What color is your roof? vertical: plantagon planning & government floating urbanization: DeltaSync infill development shelter for all: unhabitat soundscaping traffic commuting: reverse location neighborhoods megacities Modern City government bankruptcy: Detroit | Harrisburg, PA Economic Development in general: art: Murat Germen | climate change: c40cities | conferences: Re-Imagining Cities big cities | coolhunting: thrillist | density: persquaremile | elements of style | gamification: paper model, urbanology | ideas: bmwguggenheimlab | magazines: | models: miniatures, Shanghai, model your town sketchup | offshore: Petropolis | pace of life | parking: parkinginmotion, parkatmyhouse, parkwhiz, sfpark, streetline | rankings: World’s most livable cities | science of cities: mobile data | sensor networks: senseable | transportation: Citymapper | travel guides: valet | trees: urbanair | trends: micro-urbanist books, portals, radio: Chicago From The Sky: A Region Transformed Okrent | Next City | NPR Cities Project | Rebel Cities Harvey | Smart Cities Townsend | The Olympic City | Tactical Urbanism Street Plans | Triumph of the City Glaeser Crowd | Maps | Autos | Transportation | Apps | Sustainability | Climate | Art |


Knowledge Creation Philosophy Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things.  Saint Paul the Apostle in Philippians 4:8 History of Philosophy The Nature and the Divisions of Philosophy Philosophical Schools and Doctrines Major philosophical schools in the West Theories of being and existence Theories of thought, knowledge, faculties of mind other minds problem  Theories of conduct Ethics Morals Values Eclecticism Truth: there is a measure of truth in everything sp Truth is where you find it Books: Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury | Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell = internet of things + big data + military-industrial complex sp | Story of Philosophy Durant in general: | philosophical humor: Emotion | Eclectic | Balance | Greece | Leadership | Popular Culture | Utopia

Mexican migration to U.S. is declining

Manual labor for agriculture is getting harder and harder to find. For generations hard working immigrants from Mexico have come to US farms, nurseries and greenhouses to work, but that trend seems to be tapering off.  Shifting migration patterns have come to a point where migration from the US into Mexico is slightly higher than from Mexico into the US.

Population Immigration in general:  community-building: shelbyvillemultimedia | data: Migration Policy Institute | green card: roadmap | management system: books, essays, films: Borderland NPR | Of Mice and Men Steinbeck | The Arrival Tan | The Real Story of the Superheroes Pinzón | Welcome | Welcome to Shelbyville Snyder Data | Economic | Education | Employees | HR | Issues | Jobs

THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK against mass surveillance

Social Organization and Change Utopia/Dystopia If we had believed then that it could happen now, what would we have done differently? sp Why does science fiction gravitate towards dystopia and not utopia? big brother: Is big brother upon us? Is technology the quiet enabler? | big data | CISPA | clones | cloud | cybersecurity | drones | facial recognition | genomics | internet of things: sensors | location-based apps | privacy | robotics | sensors | smart systems: grid meters, healthcare records drones: aquatic: ziphius | facial recognition: Drones With Facial Recognition Tech Will End Anonymity Conte | quadrocopters: Viacopter | remote control killing | supply chain amazon surveillance & people tracking: license plates | NSA: Utah Data Center | Rapid Information Overlay Technology | photography: gigapixel | satellite | Social Radar | spying on citizens: The Watchers: The Rise of America's Surveillance State  utopia: Amana Colonies | Arcosanti | Atlantis | books/movies: In Utopia Hallman, Lost Horizon Hilton, Peace Among the Willows White, Somewhere To Disappear | communes & cooperatives: Marinaleda, Spain | fountain of youth | Garden of Eden | governments: The Seasteading Institute big ideas | Havvada Island | Woodstock dystopia: art: Deadpan Comedy| about | books/movies: Brave New World Huxley, The Hunger Games, Blade Runner, Citizen Kane Welles, Divergent Roth, The Book Thief, The Hunger Games, The Trial Kafka | music: Deltron 3030 | post-apocalyptic: Snowpiercer, The Road McCarthy | slums: Torre de David Photography | Human Behavior | Anarchism | Zeitgeist | Cybersecurity