The world is awash in bullshit.

Information Technology Big Data  The world is awash in bullshit. > Trust/Truth If computers do all the deep thinking, what do we do? Whoever has the best (meaningful, curated) data, wins. Is the company ready for the deluge of unstructured data coming in from transactions, social media, sensors and machines (IoT)?  What ethical issues are raised by the spectre of a big data-driven world?  in general: machine learning in business: Evolution of Analytics | agriculture: Agrible | twitter stream: Dataminr | analytical skills: Insight IQ | automated data collection/monitoring: connotate | automated analysis: WolframAlpha Pro | behavioral analytics: | customer analytics: nuevora | democratization: contextrelevant | drag-n-drop: rapidminer | earth: dataone | energy management: hara | hadoop: hortonworks, karmasphere | health care: Visiquate | industrial: MANA | marine and buoy data: Planet OS | market research: keltonglobal | NoSQL: mongoDB | oil & gas: drillinginfo | oncology: flatiron |  open source: Dataverse | real-time: webaction, zoomdata | robots and jobs: Rise of the Robots Ford | neural networks: Make Your Own Neural Network Rashid | tiny clues uncover huge trends: Small Data Lindstrom big idea | The Black Box Society Pasquale |