1. Direct reports (as a team) come up with a list for their Supervisor for each of these categories:
    1. Things we want you to STOP.
    2. Things we want you to START.
    3. Things we want you to CHANGE.
    4. Things we want you to CONTINUE.
  2. Direct reports discuss the list with the Supervisor who takes notes during the discussion.
  3. Supervisor emails the discussion notes to the team (direct reports) to ensure he/she got everything and got it right.
  4. All parties take a week to think about it, and then meet again to confirm and move forward.
  5. OPTONAL: Supervisor and team review [STOP, START, CHANGE, CONTINUE] list quarterly (or mid-year). Then they meet at the beginning of the year to see what progress was made (or not).

Human Resources

Poor performance at the branch office

by scott pickard

Dear CEO:

I think an improved performance evaluation process will help this situation in general, but that does not happen overnight. It’s an employee cultural thing and takes day-to-day management, leadership, and training to instill.

Human Resources Performance Review Weekly peer-review assessments directly assist in the management of performance on a regular basis. in general: balanced scorecard | branch office: Poor performance at the branch office sp | classifications: job descriptions, salary ranges | compensation: base + variable | Key Performance Indicators KPI | long cycle (annually) | peer review | professional development: educational assistance, training (skills) | self-assessment & reporting | short cycle (weekly): FairSetup > Collaboration | transparency | verification: skills incentives: loyalty: 401(K) matching, stock options, vesting | performance: profit-sharing bonus pool Information Technology objective: Key Performance Indicators (KPI) subjective: sample performance standards  Employees generally detest the annual performance review.

Employees generally detest the annual performance review.

I’ve heard you say before that you’ve never really fired anybody, and that’s another leadership task that must happen from time to time, otherwise employees know there’s no real accountability for whatever they do. This may or may not be one of those moments.

The big issue I see is you just don’t seem to have anybody on site that is your equivalent who has the technical and leadership ability and also is incentivized by base salary, bonus, and possibly equity participation to really put the time and energy into keeping that office running tightly and successfully. Even though I know you work your butt off every day, almost all day, trying to do that yourself remotely and also traveling there quite a bit, it’s not the same as having that leader who shows up first every morning and leaves the office every night last. If I were a potential buyer of your business, this would be one of the most important things I would be looking at. Of course, buyers typically plan to put one of their own people into that slot, or they will conduct a search and hire that person.

Let me know how I can help.

- sp -

Recruiting protocol

Dear John,

I thought some more about it, and having been contacted many times by recruiters, I know the best practice protocol is to approach prospective candidates first by e-mail (if possible) before calling in to them directly. This gives them the chance to consider the position in private and decide whether or not they want to take it to the next step. So, I drafted such an e-mail which is below for your review:


Dear Mary,

I am an executive recruiter working on behalf of a software engineering firm based on the east coast. Your name was referred to me as someone who may know professionals who might have an interest in a position my client has immediately available; or, you may have an interest in this position yourself.

My client designs, develops, tests, and supports large and complex engineering and publishing enterprise systems and is seeking a marketing professional that has demonstrated skills and experience to support the following activities:

  • Website design and SEO
  • Digital graphics
  • Social media design, deployment, and analytics
  • Project management (in a software team context)
  • Brand strategy development and implementation

If you know of someone that may have an interest in this position, I would appreciate any information you can share. Or, if you would like to explore this position for yourself in confidence, I would like to set up a call with you at your convenience.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to talking with you.

Scott Pickard
(217) 840-1871

A simple recruiting to-do list

by scott pickard

Human Resources Recruiting The best way to recruit is through the collective personal and professional (trusted) networks of your employees. sp In five minutes, could you explain something to me that is complicated but you know well?  Is our hiring process optimized to attract, recruit, and retain the best talent? (a) take the time to define a position’s requirements carefully before recruiting; (b) use a broad based sourcing strategy to identify candidates across multiple sources; (c) train hiring managers and monitor completion of defined steps in a company hiring process  What are the terms of engagement for outside search firms?  What are the barriers to recruiting qualified personnel? (a) competition; (b) salary pressure; (c) location  What are the major universities where the company recruits entry-level management and technical talent?  Does the company use lie detector tests?  Does the company use psychological profile tests? in general: background check:, | candidate matching and tracking: bullhorn, evolvondemand, monster, theresumator, smartrecruiters free | cross-enterprise collaboration: | employee screening: | job networks:, linkedin | mobile: assuredlabor low-medium wage | recruitinghop | multi-national, multi-lingual: kenexa | online people search database: zoominfo | recruiter network:, | social media: bullhornreach | temporary: elance | video interviews talent management: | | kenexa | namely | oracle taleo | risesmart | silkroad | | assessment: iscopia | incentive systems pay-for-performance: bravanta, HRsoft Economics | Employees | Growth | IT | Job Search | Mobile | Social Networking

  • Draft job description
  • Establish salary ranges for new hires
  • Identify office availability for new staff and begin any necessary preparations
  • Establish salary ranges for new hires
  • Write ad(s) and place in appropriate newspaper with a closing date to accept resumes.  Newspapers generally have a special “positions available” section and it may be online
  • Log resumes, classify, filter, rank
  • Make telephone interviews to a first batch of say 10 candidates
  • Filter again and select short list of 5 candidates for in-person interviews
  • Schedule interviews
  • Conduct interviews
  • Debrief, rank
  • Conduct second in-person interview(s) if necessary
  • Select top candidate
  • Conduct reference check
  • Formulate offer and make offer by telephone followed up by letter
  • Negotiate terms as necessary with candidate
  • CLOSE: receive signed acceptance on letter offer
  • Plan orientation of new hire and get office and computer ready

- sp -

How will the next generation of millennial employees impact your business?

How will the next generation of millennial employees impact your business?  Is the organizational structure working within the company?  What is the level of employee buy-in to the company's efforts to match its structure to the demands of the situation?  Has the organizational structure been changed too often in the past?  Are there too many layers of management in the company? | management without managers: Holacracy | reverse engineering: Social Networks Reveal Structure (And Weaknesses) of Businesses organization chart: Does the company maintain a current organization chart showing all reporting relationships?  What is the company's philosophy on making its organization chart accessible to employees? The public? Employees | Design | Competition | Decision Making | Management