The web turns 25.

Fields of Technology Internet The Web turns 25.  about think2ool What are the (unintended) consequences of breaking up the Internet? What happens in an Internet minute?  Should the United Nations take over the Internet?  How is the Internet changing the way you think big ideas?  How are Internet business models impacting traditional business models in our industry?  How can the company leverage its investment in technology to take strategic advantage of the Internet? Are we where we should be? Where are the gaps?  What are our competitors doing on the Internet?  What security issues must we address?  Are our Internet efforts building on the corporate vision and the company's core strengths?  Where will the Internet be in five years, and how are we going to take advantage of this growth?  How is the Internet changing the behavior of our customer, vendors, and suppliers, and what impacts on the business do we anticipate?  Does the concept of a virtual community have any relevance to the company?  How might emerging online intermediaries disrupt the value chain in our industry?  Do we have agreement on the Internet's role in our business and is senior management's vision understood by all involved in its implementation?  Has our Internet team asked customers what they expect from us, determined what our competitors are doing well on the Internet, and analyzed best practices in other industries that we can apply for competitive advantage?  What evidence do we have that our products/services can succeed or require an Internet strategy now or later?  What is the web-based plan for handling customer requests, customer orders, inventory issues, and other operational issues, and how is this different from our traditional operations?  Does our Internet team have a balanced marketing and technology perspective, or is it dominated by one or the other?  What are our projected costs and benefits, including the total organizational investment beyond hardware, software and implementation?  What are the key timing issues now and in the next 3-5 years with respect to our Internet plans, our business, our industry, and technology? net neutrality: about:,, | free culture in general: AJAX tools: | conferences: LeWeb 2011 | market intelligence: emarketer IPv6: IPv4 market: accuro, addrex, ipv4marketplace, tradeipv4 | open, equal access: | technical development: Internet Engineering Task Force wireless service: | balloon network: | charging systems: ubeam energy/batteries | distributed antenna system (DAS): extenetsystems | performance: rootwireless | process industry: | tower sites: Technology | Cloud | Energy | Globalization | IT | Issues | Popular Culture | Search