Golf Rules Finder

by scott pickard

I’ve been obsessed with mastering the Rules of Golf ever since learning and playing golf as a kid in Texas.  But like most amateur players, I have struggled with mastering the complexity of the Rules, at least to the level that satisfied me.  So, I wrote a book and formatted it in such a way as to make it easy to browse by keywords and key phrases to find the right rule in real-golf-time; i.e., when you’re on the course.  The end product was Golf Rules Finder:

Since 2006 when I published the book, the world has changed; specifically, the Internet and the appification of just about everything.  So my goal is to appify Golf Rules Finder.  It has to be so simple and visual that average players would actually use it and become more aware and knowledgeable about the rules.

And if you’ve played golf lately, you know the golf world would definitely benefit by more average golfers knowing the basics of the rules of golf and its code of etiquette.