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Post-it® Plus captures your notes, organizes and then shares with everyone.

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Post-it® Plus captures your notes, organizes and then shares with everyone.


I am working with the CEO of iENGINEERING (Washington, DC) to prepare and lunch iManuscript as an end-to-end online digital and Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing service available to commercial and nonprofit publishers and distributors.

iManuscript is a digital rights management solution integrated with Adobe Content Server.  iManuscript can secure and deliver in both PDF and ePUB file formats, making digital publications available worldwide with support for all popular media platforms. With iManuscript, customers retain control over the complete flow of information, right down to how and when the files can be viewed, individual device access, and copy and print permissions.  For those customers wanting hard copy, iManuscript provides complete black-and-white and color POD capabilities in any binding format, any page length.  iManuscript also provides a fully customizable online bookstore if the customer does not already have an e-commerce platform.

The scope of my work includes:

  • Prototyping and testing the service end-to-end
  • Fine-tuning the website content
  • Developing the necessary marketing collateral materials
  • Setting up Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the primary sales management system
  • Building a prospect database
  • Launching a targeted marketing and sales campaign to find and close on high-value prospects

We expect to be generating iManuscript customers by the end of the year.





I have had good luck with using Animoto as my basic online platform for creating videos.  Animoto is a tool that anyone can learn to use in 30 minutes.  It is a good balance between being too simple at one end of the spectrum; and way too complex at the other end that will require hundreds of hours of training and trial and error, and unless you are a professional you’ll never use one tenth of the features.  In Animoto it’s very easy to upload videos, pictures, and music; or, you can use Animoto’s extensive library of music which is already pre-approved in terms of licensing.  One of Animoto’s claims to fame is that it has already designed 40 templates for just about any look-and-feel and message you want to convey: business, artistic, vacation, holiday, kids, family, friends…. you name it!  It has a very easy, intuitive dashboard for organizing video clips, editing each clip, and timing the synchronization of video and music.  When you’ve fine-tuned your video and it’s ready for prime time, you  have a choice of formats including high-definition.  The videos are sharp, colorful, and dynamic.  On your own professional or personal web site, you can post a link to the video, embed the video, or share it easily to YouTube or Facebook.  I have recommended Animoto to many people and I personally am sticking with it because it is a cloud-based system and I know it is only going to get better.


Basecamp templates

Basecamp is the leading web-based project management and collaboration tool for planning, tracking, and archiving to-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones. We set up basecamp to run all of our research projects and integrate over 200 professionals from over 50 organizations worldwide, including researchers, programmers, administrators, managers, and students. We made extensive use of templates to capture and build checklists for efficient reuse on projects and repeatable tasks.