If you can’t beat them (robots), join them.

by scott pickard

If you can’t beat them (robots), join them. The “quantified self” will evolve to the “optimized self,” meaning humans will be supported by extreme wearable and embedded sensoring enabling real-time, on-demand guidance from a commercial “cloud coach” (Google?) for every step, move, and decision they make whether it’s at work or on the playing field; i.e., becoming more machine-like. The dark side is that humans’ born-with intelligence and cognitive skills and capacities will atrophy just like a broken leg in a cast.

Zeitgeist Optimized Self big idea V-Nation: algorithms will do the thinking, people will simply execute sp in general: coaching/training: runcoach, snow skiing | embeddables | emotions: body language, micro-expressions | fiction: are you certain sp | food: upgraded self | informavore | marriage: Time/Facebook |  sensors | surveillance | wellness: CarePass, self-monitoring and diagnosis questions: What’s my next move? Is it time I got married? skills: When you feel yourself losing a skill or a simple pleasure in your day, resist the urge to acquiesce to technology that is ultimately transferring a lot money and control to someone else. sp  Science Fiction | Drones zano | Wellness

the optimized self, or, becoming a machine