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Activities & Rec Center (ARC)

Welcome to the ARC  The ARC — at a sparkling 340,000 square feet — is one of the country's largest on-campus recreation centers.  ARC Amenities  35-foot climbing wall 1/5-mile indoor track two 50-meter swimming pools 35-person sauna twelve racquetball courts hundreds of machines and weights four gymnasiums nine multi-purpose areas instructional kitchen 150-seat auditorium three meeting rooms Courtside Café UI Wellness Center Professional Massage at the ARC Athletic Training at the ARCAt 340,000 square feet, ARC is one of the country’s largest on-campus recreation centers: 35-foot climbing wall, 1/5-mile indoor track, two 50-meter swimming pools, 35-person sauna, twelve racquetball courts, hundreds of machines and weights, four gymnasiums, nine multi-purpose areas, instructional kitchen, 150-seat auditorium, three meeting rooms, Courtside Café, UI Wellness Center, Professional Massage.