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What percentage of revenues (1-10%) is required to competitively advertise and promote the company’s products?  How effectively does marketing solicit and integrate (communicate) the advertising ideas from other divisions of the company? | automated: outboundengine | big data analytics: origamilogic visualization | business cards: cardneticsmoo | campaign types: eloqua | embedded in video & tv: mirriad | image ad overlay: imagespacemedia | in-call media: voodoovox | interactive out-of-home: reactrix | mobile:millennialmedia | multi-channel (screen) platforms & campaign management: collective-media,impactradius | publicity: Ben Angelhalo | simulation & planning: thinkvine | stadiums: instadium | target IT professionals: techtarget | t-shirts: cafepresszazzle

local: singleplatform yodle | classifieds: backpageoodle

outdoor: digital billboards: supponor | digital ink displays: magink | online marketplace: adstruc | out-of-home: digicastnetworks gas station radio | Shopping

TV: most tweeted: Breaking Bad | most viewed: Superbowl

yellow pages: craigslist | livedeal | yodle | self-management: yext

books and articles: Creative Advertising by Mario Pricken | Customers Can’t Buy You Product if They Don’t Know it Exists | Game Changers. The Evolution of Advertising by Senta Peter Russell | Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin viral


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