When the persecuted become the persecutors

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when the persecuted become the persecutors

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Protect yourself.

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Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign

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Should Flag Burners Burn?

Human Rights Constitution of the United States (1787) Is refusing to stand for the National Anthem an appropriate protest? Judicial Mandates •     Words and meaning of the law should be understood as they were understood by the people when the law was enacted. •     Activist judges should not invent new law, but they should respect the constitutional prerogative of the people to pass laws through their representative legislatures. Preamble Articles I - VII Amendments I – XXVII Amendment I: freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition in general: justices: The Next Supreme Court Justice > Law | about | Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship | Amendments: Amendments 1-10 Bill of Rights | Amendments 11-27 books/films: freedom of the press: Rosewater Stewart | interpretation: America's Unwritten Constitution Amar

by scott pickard

Should burning the flag be a protected form of free speech? Consider this:

  • Was the flag burner trespassing?
  • Did the flag burner hurt anyone?
  • Did the flag burner catch anything else on fire?
  • Did the flag burner burn a public flag that they did not own?
  • Was it an act of treason, in and of itself?

If the answer is “no” for all five questions, then the flag burner is not a criminal. They were just someone that took their own flag onto public property where they are entitled to go, and they burned it (unfortunately they don’t have a flag anymore) but didn’t hurt anybody or anything in the process. If we’re going to send a person to jail for this, then we will have to reevaluate thousands of actions that people perform every day that should be equivalently considered obnoxious, disturbing, anti-patriotic, or criminal.  There will be social accountability enough from family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues that the flag burner will have to face, and possibly realize that “I will never do that again!”

Come on, we’ve got to get a grip on ourselves, take a step back and get some perspective, and not be so mentally and spiritually brittle! This is America. We are tough, flexible, resilient, and open-minded, so we can absorb the actions of a flag burner. We can’t rule-make a person into being civil and/or patriotic – it’s either in their heart, or it’s not.

What do you think?



Ponemon Research Institute

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How do you validate trust in the cybersecurity of the enterprise?

Break the Chain

by scott pickard

Political Concepts Human Rights If we rationalize torture in the name of war and saving American lives, then we become the barbarians and in so doing, we write a blank check to our enemies to reflect the same barbaric behavior. Like child abuse which propagates from generation to generation, this vicious cycle of abuse and violence will only stop when someone has the courage and leadership to break the chain, and that should be us. sp Historical development 1215 Magna Carter 1787 Constitution Definition of human rights Freedom Liberty: The Miracle of Freedom Cruz United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights International human rights dictatorships: Kim Jong-un North Korea globalization: impact on children migrant workers: Cesar Chavez torture: about | CIA: Senate Report 2014 > War in general: www.amnesty.org | darfur: http://eyesondarfur.org/ | gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender: www.hrc.org | Geneva Conventions | Human Rights Watch: hrw | oral histories: Voice of Witness | UN Global Compact films: Harvest of Shame Murrow

If we rationalize torture in the name of war and saving American lives, then we become the barbarians and in so doing, we write a blank check to our enemies to reflect the same barbaric behavior. Like child abuse which propagates from generation to generation, this vicious cycle of abuse and violence will only stop when someone has the courage and leadership to break the chain of torture, and that should be us.

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