Does Trump love fancy flowcharts?

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Does Trump love fancy flowcharts?

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Using Prezi for Simple Gantt Charts

by scott pickard

I have been experimenting with using Prezi as a way to create simple Gantt charts. If you’re like me, you’re a big fan of the Gantt chart and how effective it is in communicating the timeline and priorities of a project. But most of our projects are fairly simple and last less than a year, so the software tools that are out there which can help you plan a moonshot are simply overkill for the simple projects; i.e., dependencies, resource leveling, unit costs, etc.  I’ve used spreadsheets, but it takes a lot of manipulation to create the taskbars and update them. I’ve also used Smartsheet, but once again it really gives me more functionality than I need (and want to pay for!).

I’ve had it in the back of my mind for awhile to give Prezi a try because I love inventing ways to use Prezi and I’ve discovered that it is perfect for creating simple Gantt charts and then being able to easily update them without a lot of manual tinkering.  I’ve coined the term “Prezi-Gantt“.

Here’s a link to a public Prezi-Gantt chart you can check out to see what it looks like. I’ll give you a few benefits and tips but if you’re a Prezi user, just jump in and try it on your own and you’ll find out it’s pretty easy to use.


Try creating a “Prezi-Gantt” for simple projects.

  • Prezi is FREE!
  • Prezi gives you have an infinite online canvas and depth-of-field to either zoom in or zoom out at will.
  • You can share online your Prezi-Gantt utilizing Prezi’s three-level privacy functionality:
    • Private: Only you can view and edit.
    • Hidden: You can view and edit. Collaborators can view if they have the link.
    • Public: Can be viewed by the world if they have the link.
  • You can put a frame around that part of your Prezi-Gantt that you want people to focus on, and then you can remove the frame and redefine another area of focus.


  • The text box in Prezi turns out to be perfect for creating a taskbar which you can stretch forward or backward with ease.

The text box in Prezi makes a perfect taskbar.

  • Within the text box (taskbar) you can either describe the task and task owner within the taskbar, or you can put this information in front and/or behind the taskbar, your choice.
  • I use vertical lines within the taskbar (|||||||||||||||||) to show progress (percent complete).
  • I place a bold vertical red line to show the current date, and then all you have to do is click on the line and then use the arrow key to move the line forward when you need to update the Prezi-Gantt.
  • It’s easy to adjust the horizontal position of your task bars by simply clicking on the taskbar and then using the arrow key to either move it left or move it right.
  • If you want to insert a new task within a group of tasks, you simply create a frame around the block of tasks, then you click on the frame to move the entire block of tasks down and then it gives you room to insert a new taskbar. Then you can click on the frame and move the block of tasks back up using the arrow key.
  • Framing a block of tasks so you can move them up or down, left or right, is the “guru move” for the Prezi-Gantt.  It may sound a little complicated but after you do it a couple of times, you’ll find it’s really easy and powerful.

Please give the Prezi-Gantt a try and let me know how it goes!

- sp -

Nicaraguan Transoceanic Canal

Nicaragua has joined forces with a Chinese billionaire to construct a 173-mile, interocean canal that may cost more than $50 billion.

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Portable ground-mounted solar array

We worked with a local highway contractor to produce six(6) reinforced concrete pads which supported a 60-panel solar array.  The aluminium support framework was bolted to the pads so in the event that the array needs to be moved, it can be disassembled and all elements (pads, frame, solar panels) can be moved and reassembled in another location.


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