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War Cyberspace, Cybersecurity, Cyber Warfare Protect yourself. Protect yourself.  McAfee 2017 Total Protection - 5 Devices [Online Code] $24.99$79.99  (245)  Webroot Internet Security Complete + Antivirus 2017 |… $36.00  (1060)  Norton Security Deluxe 5 Device PC/Mac $39.99$79.99  (2900)  SOFTWARE to block RANSOMWARE -- VEEDogTM… $29.95$69.95  (11) All Search Amazon  Go Ads by Amazon   How do we stop Russia’s and China’s cyber-meddling in our affairs?  Should this be considered an act of war? > Big Questions Do you have nothing to hide?  Are you sure? Should the NSA be broken up? big ideas  Are we moving towards a surveillance state? in general: anti-surveillance: Electronic Frontier Foundation | russian cyber espionage: Fancy Bear | you’ve been hacked: Peace | ransomware: KeRanger | conferences & training: blackhat | critical infrastructure: carmaggedon | cyber armies | education & awareness: esetfoundation, Natonal Cyber Security Hall of Fame | news & analysis: Schneier on Security | Amnesia Carey | Cybersecurity and Cyberwar Singer | Cyber War Clarke | Intelligence Gathering and the Unowned Internet Berkman | The Director Ignatius

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Development of Technology Trustworthiness How do you measure/validate trust in the cybersecurity of the enterprise? > Cybersecurity How can big-city police (e.g. Baltimore) and neighborhoods-at-risk rebuild trust in each other? How do you know if someone is trying to win, or lose? Parameters of trust Trust is built over a marriage, a career, a lifetime, but can be lost in a second. sp Confidence Reliability Integrity: trustworthiness over time Privacy Resiliency: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder Taleb Skepticism and Conspiracy Theory Terms of Service: monitoring: docracy | ratings: crowd ratings Truth (correctness) photos: A bullet can kill a man, but a lying camera can kill a nation. lying: There is no defense against lying. sp | white lies vs black lies Technologies of trust big data: cyber-physical systems: terraechos certifications: kikscore drug testing federations: InCommon passwords: keepersecurity products & services relationship mining: intersecting people sp | Relationship Science scoring trust: TrustCloud Fields of Application human-machine relationships marketing: celebrity DBI DBI= 0.6*(Awareness) + 0.4*((Appeal+ Breakthrough+Trend-Setter +Influence + Trust + Endorsement + Aspiration)/7) Societal Risk Management (SRM): graduate program Software: Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors in general: advertising: evidon, doubleverify | medical devices: Open Medical Device Research Library | electronic voting: Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process? | Failed States Index: fundforpeace | financial institutions: credit cards, financialtrustindex | internet |sports: Lance Armstrong, research | wellness: Dr. Oz, Food Babe untrustworthy: corporations: Volkswagen | government: NSA | nonprofits: FIFA, Red Cross | politicians: Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton articles, books: ubiquitous: Trust is the glue that holds us together sp | Dare: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership Weiss | Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage Peppers | Just How Fragile Are America’s Bridges? Sofge | Likeonomics Bhargava | The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime Hill Crime

How do you validate trust in the cybersecurity of the enterprise?


Political concepts, ideologies, and problems Anarchism, Chaos, Liberty, Radicalism, Rebellion, Revolution You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world Beatles  search in general: The right to alter or abolish government is the ultimate expression of the people’s sovereignty. | about | Arab Spring: Emel Mathlouthi was voice of Tunisian revolution, timeline | cabal | Che Guevera | coup: Coup d'état, Egypt | people’s mic | separatism | vandalism anarchists, pirates, radicals, separatists, terrorists: Does art inspire anti-social behavior, or does it just describe it? | Al-Qaeda: Inspire 10 | Black Bloc | Catalonia | fifth column: definition | gangs | Greece: Golden Dawn neo-nazi, fascist | Lord’s Resistance Army | Muslim Brotherhood: A Day of Anger | Nigeria: Boko Haram | pirates: Somali | Russia/Moscow: Pussy Riot | Sex Pistols | Syria: Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ISIS | Taliban | Ukraine anti: consumerism: freeganism | establishment: Pete Seger dictatorships: Dictactors have weaknesses. | From Dictatorship to Democracy by Gene Sharp | North Korea | Uzbekistan: Gulnara Karimova revolution: pen is mightier than the sword: Diaries of an Unfinished Revolution Cassel | Hong Kong: Umbrella Revolution self-defense, self-preservation, self-rule: rule thyself: autarchy | Constituional right to bear arms transparency: FOIA: FOIA Machine |in general: cryptome, publicintelligence, WikiLeaks | journalists: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists | whistleblowers: CitizenFour Poitras | Edward Snowden books, movies, music, tv: Captain Phillips Greengrass | Fight Club Palahniuk | From Dictatorship to Democracy Sharp | Les Miserables 19th century France | Revolution Brand | Revolution tv miniseries | Rules for Radicals Alinsky | Savage Continent chaos | The Ends of the Earth Kaplan | The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories Hemingway | The Net Delusion Morozov | Time for Outrage: Indignez-vous! Hessel | V for Vendetta Moore Cybersecurity | Extreme | Social Radar | SW Asia | Religion | World

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Will the rise of Bitcoin bring a monetary paradigm shift that will forever change the world?

Production & Utilization of Wealth/Money Currency and Exchange  search What has been the impact of the fluctuating value of the dollar on the company's import and export activities?  What protective measures does the company take against currency fluctuations?  What exploitive measures does the company take with respect to currency fluctuations? in general: calculators: | open source: opencoin | paper: fortresspaper | sending/receiving: stellar | trading: forex,, | virtual currencies: amazon coins, webmoney | Wolfson Economics Prize big idea bitcoin: about: FBI assessment | ATM |  buy/use/accept: coinbase | documentary: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Globalization | Financial | Risk | Inflation | Innovation | Intl | Monetization

The web turns 25.

Fields of Technology Internet The Web turns 25.  about think2ool What are the (unintended) consequences of breaking up the Internet? What happens in an Internet minute?  Should the United Nations take over the Internet?  How is the Internet changing the way you think big ideas?  How are Internet business models impacting traditional business models in our industry?  How can the company leverage its investment in technology to take strategic advantage of the Internet? Are we where we should be? Where are the gaps?  What are our competitors doing on the Internet?  What security issues must we address?  Are our Internet efforts building on the corporate vision and the company's core strengths?  Where will the Internet be in five years, and how are we going to take advantage of this growth?  How is the Internet changing the behavior of our customer, vendors, and suppliers, and what impacts on the business do we anticipate?  Does the concept of a virtual community have any relevance to the company?  How might emerging online intermediaries disrupt the value chain in our industry?  Do we have agreement on the Internet's role in our business and is senior management's vision understood by all involved in its implementation?  Has our Internet team asked customers what they expect from us, determined what our competitors are doing well on the Internet, and analyzed best practices in other industries that we can apply for competitive advantage?  What evidence do we have that our products/services can succeed or require an Internet strategy now or later?  What is the web-based plan for handling customer requests, customer orders, inventory issues, and other operational issues, and how is this different from our traditional operations?  Does our Internet team have a balanced marketing and technology perspective, or is it dominated by one or the other?  What are our projected costs and benefits, including the total organizational investment beyond hardware, software and implementation?  What are the key timing issues now and in the next 3-5 years with respect to our Internet plans, our business, our industry, and technology? net neutrality: about:,, | free culture in general: AJAX tools: | conferences: LeWeb 2011 | market intelligence: emarketer IPv6: IPv4 market: accuro, addrex, ipv4marketplace, tradeipv4 | open, equal access: | technical development: Internet Engineering Task Force wireless service: | balloon network: | charging systems: ubeam energy/batteries | distributed antenna system (DAS): extenetsystems | performance: rootwireless | process industry: | tower sites: Technology | Cloud | Energy | Globalization | IT | Issues | Popular Culture | Search

Dragnet Nation: beware of your digital footprint

Social Organization and Change Utopia/Dystopia  If we had believed then that it could happen now, what would we have done differently? sp Why does science fiction gravitate towards dystopia and not utopia? big brother: Is big brother upon us? Is technology the quiet enabler? | big data | CISPA | clones | cloud | cybersecurity | drones | facial recognition | genomics | internet of things: sensors | location-based apps | privacy | robotics | sensors | smart systems: grid meters, healthcare records drones: aquatic: ziphius | facial recognition: Drones With Facial Recognition Tech Will End Anonymity Conte | quadrocopters: Viacopter | remote control killing | supply dystopia: art: Deadpan Comedy| about | books/movies: Brave New World Huxley, The Hunger Games, Blade Runner, Citizen Kane Welles, Divergent Roth, The Hunger Games, The Trial Kafka | music: Deltron 3030 | nazi germany: The Book Thief | post-apocalyptic: Snowpiercer, The Road McCarthy | slums: Torre de David chain amazon surveillance & people tracking: digital footprint: Dragnet Nation Angwin | license plates | NSA: Utah Data Center | Rapid Information Overlay Technology | photography: gigapixel | satellite | Social Radar | spying on citizens: The Watchers: The Rise of America's Surveillance State utopia: Amana Colonies | Arcosanti | Atlantis | books/movies: In Utopia Hallman, Lost Horizon Hilton, Peace Among the Willows White, Somewhere To Disappear | communes & cooperatives: Marinaleda, Spain | fountain of youth | Garden of Eden | governments: The Seasteading Institute big ideas | Havvada Island | Woodstock Change | Cybersecurity | Books | Photography | Human Behavior | Anarchism