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Super Intelligence

What happens when machines surpass humans in general intelligence?

Computer Science Artificial Intelligence What is the mind? in general: algorithm deelopment: Deep Mind | artificial general intelligence: strong AI | biomimetics: models for design of machines |  frame-based systems: recognition and description of objects and classes | portals: Deep Learning | semanitc networks: a set of concepts that are related to one another | Turin Experiment: about | thought experiments: Chinese Room expert systems: automated complaint resolution: cognicor | decision making: decision-making | machine trading: Dark Pools Patterson, Flash Boys   singularity big ideas: about | book: The Singularity Is Near Kurzweil | IBM Watson | moore’s law | Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence singinst books and papers: Accelerando Stross | Superintelligence Bostrom | The Emperor's New Mind Penrose  search Optimized | Robotics | Radio | Production | Big Data | Optimized | Google

Parahawking: the ultimate flying experience

Parahawking is paragliding with trained birds of prey. By combining ancient falconry methods with the modern techniques of Paragliding, birds of prey are trained to fly and interact with paragliders and their tandem passengers and to guide them to thermals.

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