When the persecuted become the persecutors

Social Organization and Change Racism and Ethnic Prejudice As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. Lincoln What defines our race? Are you biased? Take the test: Project Implicit?  in general: when the persecuted become the persecutors: Forever Pure >  World Since 1920 | documentary: I Am Not Your Negro Baldwin | ku klux klan: The Clansman Dixon | south africa: Born a Crime Noah | solidarity: Blacks and Palestinians | escape to free states: Underground Railroad | movements: Black Lives Matter | anti-Islamization: Pegida | dialogue: The Welcome Table | hate crimes: Not in Our Town | uprising: The Birth of a Nation, Original Silent Version | the will to be free: The Underground Railroad Whitehead | slave trade: Homegoing Gyasi | belonging & identity: Invisible Man Ellison | white america: Coming Apart Murray | british abolitionist: Amazing Grace Metaxas | memoir: The Violent Education of a Christian Racist Parrish | A Class Divided | anti-slavery: Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe | Australia: Rabbit-Proof Fence | Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead Meeink | bias: Blindspot Banaji | Black Planet Shields | The Aryans Asumang | To Kill a Mockingbird Lee

when the persecuted become the persecutors

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