(Remote) Data to Knowledge

by Scott Pickard

A researcher at UIUC asked my thoughts about resources which could help him with his proposal to develop and deploy a wireless sensor/data/transmission/collection/storage/analytics platform to support the optimization of hard-to-reach, poor, small-plot agricultural regional economies.  I came up with the following list:

aerial data collection: PrecisionHawk
analytics and visualization: Google Fusion Tables
connecting devices to the internet: electric imp
crowd-driven area data collection: Loveland Technologies
platform: ThingWorx
real-time sensor networks: xively
remote monitoring: Illinois Structural Health Monitoring Project (ISHMP)

The off-the-shelf tools are out there.  It is a matter of putting them together in an innovative way to generate some new knowledge that is truly useful and can make an impact.

Big Data Sensors and Sensor Networks aerial data collection: PrecisionHawk in general: www.lumasenseinc.com | www.sensorlogic.com | fiber optic temperature sensors www.sensortran.com | hydrogen www.h2scan.com | motion sensors movea, qualtre | optical www.spectrasensors.com | plant water level: plant link | radiation safecast | real-time sensor network: cosm | security: mocana | thermal light valve http://redshiftsystems.com | water levels: gaugecam | wireless: twine internet of things: air quality egg | application development platform: thingworx | connect devices: electricimp | embedded systems: freescale | human interface: glass | plants: PLEASED big ideas | theinternetofthings medical: back: lumoback | medication: proteusbiomedical | orthopedic implants: orthosensor remote monitoring: www.icontrol.com | bio-physical: zephyr-technology | ruggidized communications: www.talend.com RFID: chips: impinj | extended capability: www.intelleflex.com | hospital inventory: www.wavemark.net | software: odinrfid, www.rfcode.com | www.thingmagic.com | systems: www.higtek.com | www.power-id.com | www.skyetek.com | www.tagsysrfid.com Mapping | Home | Sports | Plants | Automate | Electronics | AI | Autos