Human Rights & Crimes Against Humanity

Human Rights & Crimes Against Humanity

There never was and there never will be anything noble to celebrate or memorialize about (Civil War) slavery.


Big Questions

Do you believe in President Trump’s position that “torture works” such that it justifies its use by the United States during war?

Is America abusing children at the southern border? Are we in violation of International Human Rights Law?

Should the world’s moral responsibility to stop human atrocities rise above national sovereignty?

Break the Chain of Torture

What everyday horrors of our world will our descendants look back on with disgust, and wonder how we could have been so blind as to condone such transgressions against humanness and humanity?


Is the United States (CIA) guilty of a massive violation of human rights by exploiting torture interrogation techniques (in the name of national security) at its black site prisons?

If we rationalize torture in the name of war and saving American lives, then WE become the barbarians and in so doing, we write a blank check to our enemies to retaliate with the same barbaric behavior.

Much like child abuse which propagates from generation to generation, this vicious cycle of abuse and violence will only stop when someone has the courage and leadership to break the chain of torture, and that should be us.


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