Trust Is The Glue That Holds Us Together

Trust Is The Glue That Holds Us Together

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Trust is the glue that holds us together — the glue that holds together relationships, marriages, organizations, governments, and countries.

Without trust, everyday life cannot function effectively and peacefully. Without trust, things break down: people lose confidence, become suspicious, become cynical, become less productive. At some point of low morale, people just walk away.

Trust thrives in an environment of mutual respect, reliability, consistency, integrity, safety, resiliency, transparency, civility, and love. Trust is the powerful all-encompassing principle that holds us together with clear minds and hearts to be happy, productive, creative and innovative, both at work and at home.

Building trust takes a sincere and consistent effort over time, built slowly but deliberately over a marriage, a career, a lifetime. But, trust can be lost in a second by one mean or vulgar word, one act of betrayal, one premeditated snark attack.

The Snarkanator says, “Trust is a bunch of bullshit!”

Indeed, one man can destroy a country’s reputation of honesty, integrity, and trust, with just one vile tweet.

Should Americans be OK with that?


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