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Can the world control the technology it creates?

Weapons of Mass Artificial Intelligent Destruction (WoMAID)

Are you confident all scientists are working in the best interests of the public? We should really be afraid of the scientists and technologists who are the only ones who understand how to research, design, develop, commercialize, manufacture and deploy the Weapons of Mass Artificial Intelligent Destruction (WoMAID) that hold the capability to destroy all of us. Many of the scientists and engineers who agree to pursue this dangerous science are agnostic on the moral value of what they do. They stick their head in the sand about the unintended consequences and claim that it’s up to the generals and the politicians to make sure their scientific power is not abused.

That has never worked. There will always be a scientist (s) who will do anything for career fame and money, letting the apocalyptic chips fall where they may while still sleeping well in their gated communities at night.

How do we protect ourselves against those scientists who would willingly weaponize the technologies they develop?


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Development of Technology

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  • Organization of Human Work

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