Agent Provocateur

His mission is chaos, not peaceful protest.

Peaceful movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) get labeled as violent movements when the peaceful majority lose control of their protest to a violent few; and more often than not, we never have positive attribution of who broke the window or who started the fire:

  • Was it a BML participant?
  • Was it a white nationalist?
  • Was it a teenage vandal?
  • Was it an embedded agent provocateur sponsored by one of our foreign sovereign adversaries?

Millions of people support peaceful protesting to try and get the attention of our leaders (and the police) when abuse keeps happening and innocent people are sometimes killed, over and over and over, and nothing changes. When large groups of people assemble, there are always a few violent agent provocateurs that use this opportunity to embed themselves covertly with the intent to incite chaos.

It doesn’t take a movement of thousands of people to throw a rock through a window….. only one provocateur.

It doesn’t take a movement of thousands of people to set fire to a police car….. only one provocateur.

The overwhelming majority of social movement participants are peaceful, go to work each day, take care of their families, and do the right thing. But, they are shouting at the top of their lungs to get the country to listen to them and at least engage in discussion and action for peaceful and rightful change.

I know. I’m one of them.

This peaceful community of people doesn’t want to burn and loot stores in their own neighborhoods. That makes no sense. I know I don’t.

This peaceful community doesn’t want to burn police cars and stations in their own neighborhoods. That makes no sense. I know I don’t.

But the agent provocateur doesn’t give a shit. He doesn’t live in our neighborhoods and could care less when he breaks a window, lights a fire, loots a store, or fires a shot. His mission is chaos meant to smear and divide.

He’s not one of us.

So just know this, ignore Trump, and get some perspective.


Big Questions

How do we balanceself-defense vs. nonviolence, black power vs. civil rights” to achieve justice and equality for all Americans in a peaceful and secure way?

Can (should) common sense gun control measures and the Second Amendment coexist?

Why should Americans have unlimited mass access to so many guns, assault weapons, and ammunition?

Has the the principle of innocent until proven guilty been irreparably eroded in the online and me-too eras?

Can we make real progress to reduce crime, incarceration, and recidivism?

Who is fighting for truth, justice, and the American way (besides superman)?

Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Society / Law


  • Philosophies and Systems of Law
  • Public Law
    • Authority and power of the state
    • Relations among sovereign states
    • Criminal law
  • Laws promoting the public welfare
  • Private Law

Crime, Corruption, Violence, Policing


  • Lessons of history
    • Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    • Corruption thrives within complexity and centralization of power.
    • As income and wealth rise to the top, so does political power.
  • Tactics

Further Reading

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