Evangelicals, how long do you apologize for Trump’s lies and vulgarity?

Evangelicals, how long do you apologize for Trump’s lies and vulgarity?

Liar, Liar

What else does Trump lie about to

  • his
    • wife
    • family
    • friends (?)
    • employees
    • suppliers
    • investors
    • accountant, and
    • attorney
  • the
    • Attorney General
    • Cabinet
    • House of Representatives
    • Department of Justice
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    • Senate, and
    • Whitehouse staff
  • world leaders. and
  • the American people?

The cumulative time and scope of his lying is stunning and pathologic. So why do his apologists and sycophants say nothing?

“Yes, I know Trump said (tweeted) this, and it is not something I would’ve said, but…..,” followed by an endless stream of whataboutisms. We’ve heard this lame apology thousands of times by thousands of apologists. How many apologies does he deserve?

Trump is a pathological liar in that he has told lies every day throughout his presidency. But if you’re going to tell me all politicians lie, then what do we tell our kids? Do we continue to try to teach them to not lie, but in the case of politics, it’s okay to lie? How absurd is that!

Let’s face it, we all need to accept the truth that the president is an incredible liar on a scale that is extremely weird and destructive. We need to stop apologizing for it or trying to spin it away, and we need to make him accountable for it. Otherwise, what kind of spineless parents and citizens are we?


Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. He doesn’t care about you any more than he does about me or anybody else. He’s in it for himself.

In Dystrumpia, we are all Trump’s Chumps.


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