Agriculture & Food Production

Agriculture & Food Production

Big Questions

Is the global ecological impact of meat production sustainable?

Persuasion and the Nudge

You don’t easily change a person’s perspective, understanding, and long-held opinion of things. It is built up moment-by-moment, year-by-year, decade-by-decade over a lifetime. Rather than try to completely change a person’s opinion in one sitting, find a way for two views to coexist and cooperate by nudging each towards the other. Reference Paul McCartney’s idea about nudging people to eat less meat by instituting Meatless Monday.


Can Planet Earth feed 10 billion people by 2050?

Big Picture

Big Picture / Technology / Agriculture & Food Production

History of agriculture
Farm management

Crop farming
Livestock farming
Technology of hunting, fishing, whaling


  • Food processing
  • Food preservation
  • Techniques for controlling the quality of food
  • Food sources and new product development

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