Balance is the Ultimate Truth

Balance is the Ultimate Truth

When you create something unbalanced, it eventually spins apart.

The world is constantly trying to balance itself both in nature and society. Countries and the people within those countries (haves and have-nots, minorities, poor, marginalized) that have had far less than the United States are hungry to work hard to achieve equivalent power, wealth, and quality-of-life.

That would seem fair if you put yourself in their shoes, but people currently holding the power and money don’t just freely give it away. You have to fight for it, so the process of balancing is rocky, mistakes are made, and the pendulum sometimes swings too far, but over time the balancing will happen and stability is achieved.

The world will always be in flux when it is out of balance. Balance is the ultimate truth and state for world stability and peace, and that knowledge should drive our decisions as a global community. Over time, nationalism must recede and acquiesce to the inevitable globalization and balancing of our planet if we are to (a) stop fighting each other all the time, and (b) sustain ourselves as a species.


this extremeBALANCEthat extreme
individual libertybalancecommon good
strong local cultural valuesbalancewelcoming assimilation of immigrant cultures
border securitybalancehumanity
unlimited extractionsustainabilityprotecting earth's finite resources
preventing manipulationpersuasionsuppressing dissent
socio-economic systemsbalancebiophysical earth systems
american exceptionalismbalancecooperation in solidarity for common good
citizens' contract with policebalancepolice contract with citizens
nationalism and isolationismbalanceinternationalism and globalization
spend money to fight climate change (Biden)Climate Changespend money to extract and monetize climate change (Trump)
panic coronavirus proactive
ayn rand capitalism balance the common good
catastrophizing balance glass half-full
risk balance reward
freedom (of speech) democracy accountability (civility)
sustainability between a rock and a hard spot production
do unto others golden rule others do unto you
wants government needs
buy-america jobs balance lowest cost infrastructure
help the helpless balance spend within means
finite resources on earth balance growth to create jobs
free trade balance climate policy
left trying to survive balance right protecting wealth
concentration of wealth balance redistribution of wealth
United States Mutually-Assured Destruction Russia
work balance life
being insidebalancebeing outside


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