Democracies do not

charge peaceful protestors with sedition,

have religious exclusionary principles for citizenship,

curb press freedoms by intimidating dissenting journalists and newspapers,

attack universities and students for ideological non-conformity,

browbeat artists and writers for disagreement,

equate adversaries with enemies,

celebrate lynch mobs, and

cultivate judicial servility.

Ashutosh Varshney

Big Questions

Are we entering a global “democratic recession”?

For hundreds of years, why have white Christians and the Church not stood up against genocide of indigenous peoples, slavery, and racism? In their minds, has the bible mandated their assertion of white racism, nationalism, and supremacy?

A New Democracy Rising

The racist white-privileged christian nation has had a pretty good 400+ year run of supremacy in America, but unfortunately at the violent expense of millions of indigenous tribes (Trail of Tears) and African slaves.

But look around, the white man is no longer the only game in town. This is not necessarily the time for white-privileged america to step down, but it is time to step over and make room on the podium for those people that the white man has decimated, enslaved, oppressed and discriminated against for so long, and to equally acknowledge and celebrate their achievements and work together to make this a more inclusive and fair democracy.

Privileged White Male Evangelical Christians, don’t you get that?


If the future of civil discourse and democracy is at stake, and the value of truth itself, how do western democratic nations battle the threat of online warfare and the attacks from Russia, China, Iran and potentially others who are trying to destabilize and tear down the democratic way of life?

Is the millennial generation growing faster and now asserting itself against an aging white-privileged base?

  • Can we afford their vision of democracy?
  • What does America look like if you aren’t white?

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