Time / Future

Time / Future

We have been using earth as if it is an infinite source of raw materials and an infinite sink for our waste, but it is finite in both cases ultimately accelerating toward a global disaster of depletion and extinction.


Big Questions

If you could go back in time, what one piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Are we being good ancestors to the future Earth?

How can humanity survive the next century of climate change, a growing population, and emerging technological threats?

Big Picture

Big Picture / Technology / Measurement, Observation, Control / Time

Time and its role in thought and action

Contemporary philosophies of time

Time as systemized in scientific society

  • Time measurement: general concepts
    • Fundamental time scales
    • Relativistic effects
    • Clocks
    • Time units and calendars
  • Rotational time
  • Dynamical time
  • Atomic time
  • Pulsar time
  • Radiometric time
  • Cosmology and uniform time

Further reading and study

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