What is a Hero?

What is a Hero?

“Enough is enough!”

Heroes take a risk (their jobs, their lives) and display courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good. Colin Kaepernick took a risk and single-handedly started a conversation intended to inspire constructive solutions to unjustified police violence. Bubba Wallace took a risk and found a noose in his garage stall.

But unfairly, Kaepernick was ostracized and blackballed from playing in the NFL, and George Floyd was murdered by the police for all the world to see. Some may say Kaepernick got what he deserved. Some may say he was a hero at the time, and maybe, a hero today.

Time will tell and history (the people) will be the judge. What do the people say today? How do the people bring justice and accountability for George Floyd and his family?

first they ignore you, 
then they ridicule you,
then they fight you,
then you win


When the [Military-Industrial-Religious Alliance] fears its highly profitable businesses and assets are threatened by new, loud voices for social justice and change, the Alliance reacts swiftly by any means to protect its wealth and control. In these scenarios, constitutional fairness is pushed to the sidelines. This is when capitalism and the Alliance show their most pure and ruthless face in spite of higher principles in play.

But, it is also when the people shout,

“Enough is enough!”


True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.

Arthur Ashe

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