Scott Pickard / Writing

Act of War

Adversity Drives Innovation

Aerial Images from a Hot Air Balloon


Agent Provocateur

AI and the Pace of Change

ai-dog chasing its ai-tail
All People Are Created Equal

All the President’s Fixers

All the President’s Men

Americans Killing Americans

America, Who Are We?

A New Democracy Rising

Approval Voting

Arcosanti: Desert Workshops Teach Construction Skills

Are tax cuts and tariffs working?

Art of the Good Question

A Simple Plan

A Tough Time to Be a Political Leader

Augmyntia (fiction)

Authentic Photographs

Back of the Envelope Plan
Balance is the Ultimate Truth

Balancing Towards Peace, Equality, and Freedom

BeachMap Game

Be Careful What You Wish For

Between a Rock and a Hard Spot

Beware of False Prophets



Break the Chain of Torture

Brush Stroke’s Song (fiction)

Build Your Own BeachMap Game

Build Your Own Dashboard of Key Indicators

Build Your Own Gantt Chart on Prezi
Bureaucratic Paradox

Buyer Beware of Fake News

Cash is King

CEOs Out of Bounds
Civil War Slavery

Civil Society and Dystrumpia

Clean Air and Water

Common Sense Healthcare for Americans

Conspiracies in His Head
Corruption in Plain Sight
Cost of College

Co-Working Manifesto

Co-Working Space in a Library
Dad: obituary, eulogy
Daily Bread Soup Kitchen: an interview with Miss Ellen
Death of Football
Defaulting on Student Debt
Deficit Spending is the Scourge of Our Democracy
Define success for yourself.
Disingenuous… you know it when you see it
Dividing the United
Does Character Matter?

Donald Trump Gave Us the Finger

Due Diligence List


Elevator Pitch

Energy Park (prezi)

Evangelicals Lost Their Way

Eventually, We Will All Be Melting Pots of Each Other

Every $ Generated Takes a Bite Out of Our Planet

Everybody Has an Opinion

Everyday Explorers

Evolution of the Office

Extraction Mentality
Extreme Swing

Faith is a Double-Edged Sword

Final Landing
Flattop Mountain video
Focus Like the Point of a Pencil
Friends for Life

Get a Grip!!

Golf Rules Finder

Golf, They’re Just Not That Into You

Grandma & Grandpa Camp 2019
Greed is Not Good
Hello, Mr. President, how’s it going?
High Road or Low Road

Honey, I Shot the TV!

How Do I Make a Paper Boat?

How to get help with a patent

I believe in and vote for ideas, principles and character
Ideas Over Money

Illinois Needs a Moon$hot

In an ai world, where will all the workers go?

In My Lifetime


Intersections = [ idea + place + time ]

Is America Abusing Children at Southern Border?

Is fascism sneaking up on us one tweet at a time?

Is Medium the Message?

Is Trump the Chosen One?

It’s All About Me, Baby!

It’s Not About You

It’s Not Impeachable!

Leaders Ask Good Questions

Lesser of Evils

Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s put an end to hate-mongering, Letter to Editor, News Gazette, December 29, 2019

Letters to Editor

Liar, Liar

Lifetime Learner
Like a cockroach in the night

Lost Swing in Paradise

Love Has Many Colors

Magnolia Memories
Magnolia Season
Mayors Get It Done
Me Too

Military-Industrial-Religious Complex

Monetization of Celebrity Worship

More Bad Than Good
Move fast and break solve things
My Garage
My Ten Books
No Place to Hide

Olympic Fusion (novel)

On Being Outside

One-Minute Video Script

On the Importance of Brick-and-Mortar Schools for Kids

On the Soul of Our Town

Our Social Hangover

Persuasion and the Nudge
Pop-Ups and Citizen-Sourcing
Prime Movers for Change
Print-on-Demand Textbooks

Propaganda Machine

Putin’s Game

Racism is Learned

RETIREMENT: Preparing to Comparison Shop for an Annuity
RETIREMENT: 5 Steps to Manage LONGEVITY in Retirement
RETIREMENT: What Happens When You Don’t Plan for Retirement?
RETIREMENT: Planning for Long-Term Care
RETIREMENT: Planning: 5 Tips
RETIREMENT: How Much Money Do I Need in Retirement?
RETIREMENT: Matching Retirement Income streams to Expense Types
RETIREMENT: Americans, You Need a Retirement Distribution Strategy
RETIREMENT: Planning for Your Financial Survivorship Needs as a Couple
RETIREMENT: What Might Spending Look Like in Retirement

Reverse Subsidiarity

Risk and Entrepreneurial Resiliency



Sci-Fi Visions of Existential Risks

Screens & Storms
Shooting From the Hip
Should Flag Burners Burn?
Social media’s business model is to sell the service of changing behavior

Social Parasites

Star on the Boulevard

Starting a Business IS My Retirement
Stay Human

Stephen Colbert For a Day

Striking the Balance Between Livelihoods and Lives


Surrealism Returns to Campus

The Apologists
The Crowd Can Be Dangerous
The Crowd is Dangerous

The Culture of Politics

The Disruption of Being Lost (fiction)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Leadership
The Internet Magnifies Our Incivility

The 1%

The Paradox of Space Missile Defense
The Paradox of Star Wars

Thou Shalt Go Back to Work

Three Kings at the Masters

Tiger Story

To-Do List
Too Big to Fail

Top Tens

Top Ten Things Robots Can’t Do (well)
Trade Works. Tariffs Don’t

Trump’s Decision Criteria

Trump’s Mean Words
Trump’s Weirdness

Trust is the Glue That Holds Us Together

Two-minute video script

Two-Party Madness

Underestimating Climate Change

Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Vacuum Blast

Values Manifesto of the American Worker

Wall of Art

Walls Separate Nations

Weapons of Mass Artificial Intelligent Destruction

We Can Do Better

We Don’t Hate You

Weapons of Mass Artificial Intelligent Destruction

We Will Get Through This

What a Brave Guy

What Does It Mean to be an American?

What Does Sport Teach Us About Leadership?

What If?

What is a Hero?

What is Information Mapping?

What Would Jesus Do?

What Would My Dad (or Jesus) Do?

When Is It Time to Retreat From Climate Change?

When the Revolution Comes

Where will all the workers go?

Willful Ignorance

Why do we crave the road trip?

X Marks the Spot

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Trump

You protect what you love.