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Experience Has Been My Best Teacher, by Scott Pickard, VOICES, News Gazette, October 15, 2023.

A Good Guy With a ….. by Scott Pickard, VOICES, News Gazette, May 21, 2023.

Magnolia Memories by Scott Pickard, VOICES, News Gazette, June 12, 2022.

Let’s put an end to hate-mongering by Scott Pickard, Letter to Editor, News Gazette, December 29, 2019.

Great Support for Indian Acres, News Gazette, June 12, 2019, Letter to Editor, Scott Pickard.

Among the Elm Boulevard treetops, a star is born by Julie Wurth, News Gazette, December 11, 2018. “Scott Pickard of Champaign carries his ladder as he prepares to climb the 70-foot hemlock tree outside his house Monday, Dec. 10, 2018, on Elm Boulevard to light up a star, as he has done every holiday season since 2002.”

Summer fun with Hopscotchium, by Julie Wurth, News Gazette, August 7, 2018, “Scott Pickard posted a video of the first hopscotch effort in 2013 after coming home from work and seeing their creation. He entitled it Hopscotchium.”

The Big Ten, News Gazette, December 4, 2016. Scott Pickard: “It is not just because it is a massive hit (Hamilton) that is entertaining as hell, but it is because the musical and the man (Lin-Manuel Miranda) are inspiring us and teaching us on so many levels.”

Top of the morning, by Jim Rosso, News Gazette, June 30, 2016, “The routine hasn’t changed since Year 1: Scott and Karen Pickard lead the way — carrying a flag and playing a drum — with everyone else marching behind as if having practiced all June.”

Cut in hours ahead for Champaign library if board OKs cuts, News Gazette, February 2, 2015. Charging for parking would be “a pretty onerous situation,” said board Treasurer Scott Pickard. “In a way, you sort of defeat the purpose of a library if you just drive people away.”

Library board looking anew at cuts in staff, hours by Patrick Wade, News Gazette, September 12, 2014. Library officials have narrowed some of their options to save money as they stare down a projected $300,000 budget shortfall…..“Maybe at the front end of this, I thought we could piece a lot of things together, but it doesn’t look like that’s possible,” said library board trustee Scott Pickard.

Champaign library board again in search of a budget fix by Patrick Wade, News Gazette, March 21, 2014. “No idea is a bad idea,” board member Scott Pickard reminded his colleagues as he went through how the board might go about avoiding millions of dollars in cumulative budget deficits if it does not act.

Celebrating 10 years of startup incubation at EnterpriseWorks by Jacqui Ogrodnik, The Daily Illini, October 10, 2013. “Its mission is to help start up and support technology-based companies and have them graduate and become viable, sustainable companies that are actually selling a product in the marketplace and making an impact,” Scott Pickard said.

Experimental Solar Array Gives Illinois Unique Research Opportunities by Katie Carr, Information Trust Institute, July 12, 2013. “As a country, we’ve set ambitious goals to have a certain percentage of energy sources be renewable, and the goals trickle down to states and municipalities,” said Scott Pickard, Information Trust Institute associate director for technology and business development and ICSEG solar array project manager.

Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Della Perrone/for The News-Gazette, June 14, 2013. At the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (DBSK) fundraiser in Champaign on Friday June 14, 2013, DBSK volunteer, Scott Pickard, sneaks a snack during a break at the fundraising dinner.

Trust mechanisms for cloud computing by Jingwei Huang and David M Nicol, Journal of Cloud Computing, April, 2013. We would like to thank Professor Roy Campbell, Professor Ravishankar K. Iyer, Scott Pickard, and many others in ACC-UCoE (Assured Cloud Computing University Center of Excellence, for their valuable discussion.

With desire to adapt, some workers unretire by Mildred Culp, Las Vegas Review Journal, April 8, 2013
Scott Pickard, self-styled “unretiree” and owner of Boulevard Projects in Champaign, Ill., never planned to stop working altogether.

How Did You Come Up With Your Business Name?, by Ashley Poulter, CEO Blog Nation, February 14, 2013. “I (Scott Pickard) have lived on a classically beautiful boulevard block for thirty years, and it has turned out to be one of the best and luckiest decisions I have made in my life…”

Tablets and Portals Prove a Hit in Boardrooms by Pamela Babcock, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), December 21, 2012.
The board of the University of Illinois Employees Credit Union (UIECU) in Champaign has been using iPads for board matters since 2009.  “It makes a lot of sense,” said Scott Pickarddirector and secretary of the nine-member board, which meets monthly with a packet that’s often more than 100 pages. 

Quick test for bacteria, News Gazette, June 21, 2010. EnterpriseWorks manager Scott Pickard, as well as an office for IllinoisVentures…

Park’s EnterpriseWorks helps make ‘tech transfer’ work by Stephanie Lulay, News Gazette, November 29, 2009. “I’m sure we would all like all of them to stay here (in Champaign County),” said Scott Pickard, former manager of the research park.

Scott Pickard Named Associate Director of ITI, January 30, 2009.  The Information Trust Institute (ITI) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has named Scott Pickard as its new Associate Director.  When asked about his new role, Pickard said, “I’m really pleased and honored to be a part of ITI, because its mission to improve information security is critical to our world.

Entrepreneurial speaker series starting, July 4, 2008, News-Gazette. Suggestions for future speakers can be made to Scott Pickard, manager of the University of Illinois Research Park and its EnterpriseWorks business incubator.

Microsoft’s Yahoo bid triggers jitters, optimism, February 10, 2008, News Gazette. Scott Pickard, director of the UI Research Park and manager of the EnterpriseWorks business incubator, said if the deal goes through and the Yahoo office becomes a Microsoft facility, it could be viewed as “a very good thing.”

TechTour gives residents chance to learn about new projects by Don Dodson, News Gazette, November 5, 2007. Pickard points out the Blue Waters “petascale” computer. National Science Foundation gave UI $208 million to build the “next fastest computer in the world,” he says.

High-tech expo becoming half-day bus tour by Don Dodson, News Gazette, October 23, 2007. “The objective is to raise awareness of the record amount of new construction in town and major projects that have either just been completed or are under way,” Pickard said.

Yahoo to open C-U office in September, News Gazette, August 2, 2007. Scott Pickard, director of the UI Research Park, said Yahoo “will fit in perfectly” with other businesses there… those include start-ups in online social networking, search engine technology and data mining.

Yahoo, Archer Daniels Midland woo Motorola employees, News Gazette, June 29, 2007. “When asked about the Yahoo! visit, Scott Pickard, director of the UI Research Park and EnterpriseWorks, said the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company is one of several corporations the UI has talked with.”

Motorola to close C-U design center, eliminate 183 jobs, News Gazette, June 19, 2007. Scott Pickard, director of the UI Research Park, said the news came like “a kick in the teeth.”

Group impressed with economic activity during China trip, News Gazette, April 30, 2007. Scott Pickard said Champaign-Urbana could position itself as a destination point for tours focused on technology. “They’re very interested in that, and they’re very interested in agriculture,” he said.

Obiter Research to stay in area, News Gazette, June 26, 2006. “Sands specifically thanked Gustafson, Scott Pickard of EnterpriseWorks, Paul Faraci of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and Teri Legner of the city of Champaign for their help.”

UI trustees to weigh conflict-of-interest plan, News Gazette, September 9, 2003. “However, Scott Pickard, manager of EnterpriseWorks, said Monday that although Stukel was looking at one office suite, PRZM had not officially taken any space.”

Divesifying the Boardroom: It starts at the top by Renee Gotcher, Infoworld, February 22, 1999.
“IT must also face the fundamental disparity between men and women in the technology and science professions,” says Scott Pickard, an independent director and board consultant in Champaign, IL.

Random Walk by Jeff Borden, Crain’s Chicago Business, February 15, 1999. Scott Pickard is the author of “The Director’s Handbook of Questions,” a 200-page, self-published book that he’s selling on his Internet site.

Hot Spots: America’s New Growth RegionsBusiness Week, October 19, 1992, pp. 83-84. Scott Pickard, a former engineer who set up NorthCampus Ventures about five years ago, is often the conduit.  He acts as an intermediary between technology mavens with good ideas and local investors.

Incubator hopes to help entrepreneurs, News Gazette, February 5, 1989, pp. C-1. Four local business executives have left established forms to start NorthCampus Ventures, a firm that provides services for start-up businesses. Scott Pickard was formerly vice president of business development for Kuck & Associates, Inc., a Champaign supercomputer software firm.