Letters to Editors

Letters to Editors

250 words or less

Act of War

Agent Provocateur

AI and the Pace of Change

A New Democracy Rising

Approval Voting

Are tax cuts and tariffs working?

A Tough Time to Be a Political Leader

Authentic Photographs

Balancing Towards Peace, Equality and Freedom

Be Careful What You Wish For

Balancing Towards Peace

Buyer Beware of Fake News

Civil Society and Dystrumpia

Donald Trump Gave Us the Finger

Eventually, We Will All Be Melting Pots of Each Other

Everybody Has an Opinion

Faith is a Doubled-Edged Sword

Get a Grip!!

Golf, They’re Just Not That Into You

Great Support for Indian AcresNews Gazette, June 12, 2019.

Honey, I Shot the TV!

In an ai world, where will all the workers go?

In My Lifetime

Is America Abusing Children at Southern Border?

Is Fascism sneaking up on us one tweet at a time?

Is Trump the Chosen One?

It’s Not About You

It’s Not Impeachable!

Let’s put an end to hate-mongering, News Gazette, December 29, 2019.

Liar, Liar

Monetization of Celebrity Worship

On Being Outside

On the Importance of Brick-and-Mortar Schools

Our Social Hangover

Propaganda Machine

Putin’s Game

Reverse Subsidiarity

Sci-Fi Visions of Existential Risks

Social Parasites

Striking the Balance Between Livelihoods and Lives

Surrealism Returns to Campus

The Culture of Politics

The 1%

Thou Shalt Go Back to Work

Tiger Story

Trump’s Crony Scrapheap

Trump’s Decision Criteria

Trust is the glue that holds us together

Two-Party Madness

Walls Separate Nations

Weapons of Mass Artificial Intelligent Destruction

We Can Do Better

We Don’t Hate You

We Will Get Through This

What a Brave Guy

What is a Hero?

What Would Jesus Do?

When Is It Time to Retreat From Climate Change?

Where will all the workers go?

Willful Ignorance