Is Trump the Chosen One?

Is Trump the Chosen One?

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It’s all about me, baby! I am the CHOSEN ONE!

Was Trump truly the Chosen One for evangelical Christians? Was he really the flawed man god tapped to lead America out of depravity to the promised land? Do you believe QAnon’s claim that he is the “savior of humanity”?

How could a silver-spoon brat from Queens who’s lived his entire life

  • bullying
  • lieing
  • playing by his own rules
  • cheating, including on his three wives while paying off porn stars and bragging about groping women
  • stiffing and misleading employees, investors, shareholders and suppliers throughout six bankruptcies
  • mocking disabled people in public
  • monetizing the Whitehouse for personal financial gain
  • tweeting attacks and insults 24×7, and
  • spreading incivility, lude-rude-crudeness, racism, untrustworthiness and chaos across the globe…..

… the Chosen One?

Where in any of this and his 25,000+ lies (as of 10/22/20) during his presidency do you find the Christian values of honesty, fidelity, humility, empathy, kindness and charity?

What biblical scripture rationalizes and glorifies the Coming of Dystrumpia?

What were you thinking?

Do you worry about being on the wrong side of history?