It’s Not Impeachable!

It’s Not Impeachable!

Starr and Dershowitz have sold out their principles and prostituted themselves to the highest bidder…..Trump.

Democrats have no sense of humor. They were appalled when Trump mocked a disabled reporter in public. Sure, his humor is edgy, but it’s not impeachable!

Democrats whine about Trump’s illegal use of his charity, defrauding Trump University students, and filing for 6 bankruptcies. It’s not easy running an empire, and it’s not impeachable!

I’m sure many democratic men would like to have sex with porn stars (“you can grab them by the” you-know-what) while they are cheating on multiple wives, but they just couldn’t pull it off like the Donald, and it’s not impeachable!

Democrats think Trump is mean, but they confuse that with being tough. I bet if you were separated from your kids at the border, you’d think twice about doing that again! He’s just making America great again and by golly, that’s not impeachable!

Democrats should read Trump’s “The Art of the Deal”. Even though he’s being played by Putin, Rocket Man, MBS, Erdogan, Trudeau, Merkle and Johnson, that’s his “stable genius” strategy at work, and that’s not impeachable!

Democrats have never lied (what!). So what if Trump plays fast and loose with the truth (has Mexico sent their check for the wall yet?), he gets things done, and that’s not impeachable!

Democrats don’t have the guts to call Republicans “human scum” like Trump he will eat his own kind. We are so blessed to have this wild and crazy guy, and he’s not impeachable!

He’s the Chosen One, so get over it!


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