There is no one individual, no one company bigger than the Chinese Communist Party.

Big Questions

What happened to Jack Ma?

Is China’s Communist Party plan for “rectification” in effect a Stalinist-style purge?

Will China eventually replace America? > “The Future of America’s Contest With China,” by Evan Osnos

The way to compete with China is by producing better ideas and smarter technologies, not by bullying and retracting.


How do we work with China without selling them the rope they will hang us with?

  • Can we ever be friends with China if they continue to rob (Huawei), replicate, and replace everything we invent?

Is China’s proposed extradition law a massive direct attack on Hong Kong citizen’s freedom?

Has China strategically created a credit crisis in Africa and other countries by loaning vast sums of money (no cash collateral, few restrictions) to fund infrastructure development?

China’s critical infrastructure loans span the globe.

Is China’s family planning too little, too late, to replenish their massive workforce?

Big Picture

Big Picture / History / World Since 1920 / China since 1912

The development of the Republic (1912 – 20)

The interwar years (1920 – 37)

The war against Japan (1937 – 45)

The development of Kuomintang and Chinese communist ideologies

Emergence of the People’s Republic of China in the 21st Century

The nationalist government in Taiwan since 1949