Human Life

Human Life

Big Questions

As we accelerate our ability to hack the laws of natural selection, where is this leading us, and where do we want to go?

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Life

Stages in the Development of Human Life on Earth

  • Human Evolution
  • Human Heredity

Health & Disease

Human Behavior and Experience

  • Human Nature & Experience
    • Factors working for/against human behavior and experience
    • Stages in the development of human behavior
      • General aspects
      • Prenatal growth and development
      • Birth
      • Infancy (the first 18 months)
      • Early childhood and childhood (1 to 12 years)
      • Adolescence (puberty to adulthood)
      • Young adulthood and maturity
      • Old-age and death
  • Attention, Sensation, Perception
  • Internal states affecting behavior and conscious experience
  • Capacities and Inclinations
  • Learning and Thinking
    • Diverse theories of human learning
    • Psychomotor learning
    • Perceptual learning
    • Conceptual learning and concept formation
    • Memory
    • Abnormalities of memory
    • Thought and Thinking
  • Personality and the Self
    • Definitions of personality
    • Measurement of personality
    • Personality functioning and adjustment
    • Mental disorders

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