Politics and Government

Politics and Government

Texas, Don’t Fuck This Up!

People burn books and build walls out of fear.

Texas, your government and governor are leading you down a politically-expedient path for an elite few who survive on maximizing votes (not a path that supports the wishes of the Common Good),


Warping and whitewashing the teaching of history by

  • modifying curriculums to emphasize the privileged white racist/supremacist’s view of past and current events, and
  • banning and/or burning books on a hit list.

Poorly managing the control of COVID-19 for the Common Good by

  • blocking scientifically-proven critical mask mandates, and
  • blocking scientifically-proven vaccination mandates (without a valid exemption).

Denying a woman’s right to a legal abortion with medieval legislation that will

  • create a dystopian surveillance state with a creepy evangelical army of citizen informants, and
  • terrorize pregnant women by criminalizing what once was their legal right to an abortion.

Denying legal Voting Rights for the Common Good by

  • blocking common sense regulations that facilitate easy access to all methods of voting for all voters in all communities, and
  • attacking local election officials innocent of any wrongdoing during the 2020 election.

Defacing a beautiful and wild southern border by

  • erecting a wastefully expensive wall that does not serve the best interests of the Common Good, and
  • demoralizing desperate refugees and immigrants that look to America for leadership and help.

Blocking common sense gun controls based on the belief that

  • every citizen should be armed, and
  • gun control is a violation of individual liberty and akin to fascism.

Is this really what the majority of Texans want for the Common Good?

Or is it what you’ve got because of a loud and wealthy and powerful minority?


Big Questions

How do we live in a 50-50 country?

What is the difference (perception gap) between

  • what you think THEY think on the other side of the aisle, and
  • what THEY really think on the other side of the aisle?

If we don’t reform the filibuster, will we be permanently reconciled to a Privileged White Male Evangelical Christian Minority Rule in America (the Senate)?

Can we do better, or at least improve upon, our two-party system? Can we solve the spoiler problem in our elections?

Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Society / Politics & Government

The Conservative Soul: Fundamentalism, Freedom, and the Future of the Right
by Andrew Sullivan

Political Theory


  • Political systems
    • Levels & structures of government
      • Supranational political systems
      • National political systems
      • Urban governments
      • Other subnational political systems
    • Types and models of political systems
    • Profession of Politics: The Culture of Politics (sp)
  • Branches of government
    • Executive Branch: Whitehouse
    • Legislative Branch
      • House of Representatives
      • Senate
    • Judicial Branch
  • Public administration




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