Are these our cyber warriors of the future? Should we really be encouraging kids down this path?

Big Questions

Does human nature doom us to fight one another?

  • When did war first start?
  • Why has war been described as the most organized of all human activities?
  • Why are warriors almost always men?
  • Is war ever within our control?

Should autonomous drones make the kill decision without a human in the loop?

  • Should we ban autonomous nuclear weapons?
  • De need a new international accord to control drone proliferation?

How many nuclear warheads exist in the world?

  • What’s our long-term plan to reduce this number to zero?

The number of nuclear warheads has dropped significantly, but more countries now
possess them.

Does Donald Trump’s $400M personal debt and current/planned business interests with foreign entities (Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, et al) pose a huge conflict of interest and a national security threat?

Has the disruption of the military by COVID-19 pushed the military towards more autonomous force projection across all of its strategic platforms?

Will we need ai to defend against ai? Is that like an ai-dog chasing its ai-tail?

If AI can produce human-equivalent writing-on-demand, does the pen become mightier than the sword in terms of its propaganda potential and impact on people and countries?

Big Picture

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Degrees and kinds of war

The theory and conduct of war


The consequences of war

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