July 2020

July 2020

Scott Pickard / Daily Questions / July 2020

So contrived and so disingenuous, did he not think we would all see through this? Trump knows he chose the wrong path with respect to masks, and he now realizes he is on the wrong side of history with the overwhelming majority of Americans. His goose is almost cooked and ready to serve to the world on November 3, 2020.


Does wearing a mask require and deserve our solidarity?

Has the disruption of the military by COVID-19 pushed the military towards more autonomous force projection across all of its strategic platforms? Are machines now more reliable then humans?

If you love Picasso but you hate his misogynistic behavior, what do you do? Do you have to accept the character of the artist to accept their art?

What happens when you give basic income to the poor?

Should average people really be paying their hard-earned money to have celebrities send them personal messages?

Is racism predominantly instinctive (nature) vs learned (nuture)?

Why do we love the road trip?

Has Donald Trump replaced Joe McCarthy as the most dangerous demagogue in American history?

What can rock climbing teach you about how to solve a problem?

Is Russian democracy a farce?

Does Trump’s base realize they are just chumps to him? He only cares about you, me, all of us until the moment we walk into the voting booth (if you haven’t caught the virus at one of his mask-less rallies) and then if you don’t vote for him, you’re dead to him — quite literally for some.

Is American Exceptionalism working against us in these times?