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Honey, I Shot the TV!

Take a look around at a family restaurant: see that mom on a smartphone, dad on an iPad, and every child plugged-in and tuned-out. What can a parent do to take back family time? My suggestion is to not “replace a gadget with gadget,” but to replace a gadget with your own innate creativity and sense of humor.

In the growing-up years of our kids, as a family we gave up TV for Lent (40 days, 40 nights) and we had dinner at the table every night during that period. The conversation during dinner was amazing and then instead of running to the TV after dinner, our kids would perform a skit each night. My wife and I would sit on the stairs and the kids would perform in the entranceway….. it was their “stage”. We laughed till we cried! It was the most amazing time and a beautiful unintended consequence was that we all dreamed like never before and woke up each morning to share our wild dreams with each other at breakfast.

We carried on this tradition for over 10 years until our kids entered high school, but during that time the togetherness, creativity, joy, and laughter we shared was truly special and are now fond memories we love to reminisce and laugh about today.

The only gadget we needed was our brain, the ultimate gadget!


You are what you watch.

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