Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change

Big Questions

Who gets to control the world’s climate, and how they would go about it?

  • Would injecting sulphur in the atmosphere cool the planet (geoengineering)?
  • Is that safe?
  • What are the potential unintended consequences?

COP27: Who will (should) pay for Climate Change?

How can a family in the United States quickly modify their house to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide and its consumption of fossil fuels to near zero?

How the World Really Works: The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We’re Going by Vaclav Smil

Do we absolutely have to have the unequivocal cooperation of the United States and China if we are ever able to effectively deal with the challenge of climate change?

Are the Pacific Northwest record heat, and the Surfside building collapse, black swan events, or manifestations of climate change?

Is it time for ecocide to become an international crime?

Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins

How might climate change warming significantly benefit the GDP of northern countries such as Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia?

Are citizens and scientists underestimating climate change’s potential existential threat? > MOSAIC

Are oil platforms a hidden global environmental disaster in slow motion?


A Simple Plan

Before and After: Global Ice Viewer

Earth’s greatest existential risks such as climate change and nuclear apocalypse will only be solved by the world (U.S. and China) cooperating and innovating together to affect the entire global economy.

  • Pick a long long-term target date, 30-50 years out.
  • Set the climate change goals.
  • Chunk down those goals to annual increments.
  • Complete an increment each year.
  • Be serious about the plan and follow through.
  • Gain increasing confidence in the plan over time.

If climate change does not become a long-term problem, we would have only spent a drop in the bucket and wouldn’t hurt anything and probably would improve many of our earth’s biophysical and social systems.

We have nothing to lose (a tiny amount of short-term profits) and a lot to gain by saving the earth from dying.


Big Picture

Big Picture / Earth / Envelope / Weather / Climate: the aggregate of weather / Climate change

The best thing an average person can do to mitigate climate change…

… is to reduce their energy footprint. The best way to do that is to simplify your life, which will simplify (reduce) your energy needs. Not only will this save you money, time and stress, but simplification is indeed the best path to a happier and more peaceful life.

And for the rich and powerful, it’s time for them to do their part. We don’t have another decade. We don’t have another planet. We don’t have another life.

The Climate Book: The Facts and the Solutions by Greta Thunberg
Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson
Ecocide by David Whyte
The End of Ice by Dahr Jamail


When Is It Time to Retreat From Climate Change?

Accelerating and Extreme…

….. avalanches, earthquakes, extinction, cold, heat, drought, dust, floods, hurricanes, melting ice, mud slides, polluted air, polluted water, population, rainfall (atmospheric rivers), rising seas, shrinking habitats, storms, tornados, volcanos, wildfires, winds…