Human Body

Human Body

Big Questions

Is the brain-computer interface coming, and if so, are we ready for it?

Big Picture

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Cardiovascular system

Lymphatic system

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Endocrine system

Reproductive system

Excretory system

Supportive-protective system

  • bone
  • connective tissues
  • joints
  • bursae
  • sinuses
  • muscular system
  • striated, skeletal, or voluntary muscle
  • non-striated, smooth, or involuntary muscle
  • cardiac muscle
  • muscle fibers
  • skin, hair, and nails

Body cavities and their membranes

Nervous system

  • Central nervous system:
    • cerebrospinal fluid
  • Peripheral nervous system
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Eye and process of vision
  • Ear and process of audition
  • Cutaneous (skin) senses: touch, heat, cold, and pain
  • Kinesthetic (motion) sense
  • Vestibular sense (equilibrium): acceleration, rotation, orientation, and balance
  • Taste (gustatory) sense
  • Smell (olfactory) sense

Body fluids and tissues

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