Should Facebook be broken up?

Big Questions

Can the profiteering on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and TikTok which compromises the well-being of users, be reasonably controlled as new human and social contagion problems are generated faster than they can be solved by humans or artificial intelligence?

Is Facebook crushing their competition legally, or illegally?

How do we live in a world where disinformation is inevitable?

Are a handful of internet companies facilitating the greatest propaganda machine in history?

Propaganda Machine

Social media’s business model is not about advertising. It is about changing behavior, and they gladly sell that massively powerful service to everyone including all the bad actors of the world:

  • dictators
  • generals
  • politicians
  • amoral corporations
  • organized crime
  • hackers
  • intelligence community
  • military
  • terrorists, and
  • any person or organization that wants to manipulate people to
    • legitimize a lie
    • win an election
    • incite a mob, or
    • make a buck.

I quit Facebook and recommend you consider it too, not only to escape the fake news, propaganda, deep fakes, and potential hacking of one’s account, but to regain all the time spent scrolling and put that time to better use.


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