Three Kings at the Masters (sp)

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What’s the greatest comeback? Hogan, or Tiger?

  • Tiger Story: Since his first win at the Masters in 1997, Tiger Woods was not that nice a guy and did some awful things to those he “loved,” and to himself.  But that same determination that he had applied to golf, he had to apply to his personal life.  His journey back towards a more peaceful and moral life is a work in progress, and may go down as a more impressive accomplishment than anything he did in professional golf. (sp) > Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict

Golf is a declining sport, but why?

  • Golf, They’re Just Not That Into You: It would make sense to me that there are more golf course failures in climates where you don’t have sunny weather year-round, versus the warmer climates in the west, south, and southeast. But the bigger driver of this trend is that the younger generation is not adopting golf the way it was with my generation. From their perspective it takes too much time; it’s too difficult a game to master; it costs too much; it’s low on the adrenaline meter (think Fortnite and extreme sports); and, it’s simply what their parents did, not what they do.  That being the case, this trend will impact all regions eventually. (sp)

When will you shoot your age?

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Lost Swing in Paradise