Daily Questions

Daily Questions

January, 2020

Is there a more powerful and sharper double-edged sword in our world than blind faith?

We put up walls in fear, hate, and war. We take down walls in confidence, love, and peace.  What kind of society do we want to live in?

Do Donald Trump and Dystrumpia share your values and those values of a civil society?

Do you believe in President Trump’s position that “torture works” such that it justifies its use by the United States during war?

Is the rise of tribalism, populism, nationalism, and identity politics destroying democracy worldwide?

Would Republicans throw Donald Trump under the bus if they could still keep the Whitehouse and the Senate?

Is greed (still) good?

Will China eventually replace America?

Can we be certain there are no private interests of Trump’s shaping the United States’ relationships with Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, India, North Korea, Turkey, or for that matter, any country that develops resort hotels?

What long-held belief/opinion have you changed your mind about?

Has exculpatory evidence ever been withheld by the defense in a trial that would exonerate the defendant?

Can we make real progress to reduce crime, incarceration, and recidivism?

Has President Trump violated the War Powers Resolution by assassinating Qassem Soleimani without consulting Congress?

Is Kim Jong Un ferocious, weak, & crazy all at the same time?

Because of AI, are we on a slo-mo path to losing our humanness?

If your company does not have gender balance, are you just being stubborn, or even worse, stupid?

December, 2019