April 2020

April 2020

Scott Pickard / Daily Questions / April 2020

Is renewable energy essentially a shill for the fossil fuel, mining, and heavy industries?

Is it smart to use empty hotels to quarantine COVID-19 patients and prevent further infection of family at home?

That’s the stupidest idea I ever heard!

How does Trump decide?

What wasn’t the U.S. prepared?

What is our road map ahead for Pandemic I?

If you had to choose, would you rather live in a world without technology, or a world without religion?

Does the company have the right critical remote-worker infrastructure to perform essential functions without disruption?

What will be the long-term socio-economic impacts from the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic?

What does it mean to be an American?

Is Trump the Chosen One?

Is the purity of sports being poisoned by

  • technology (AI, surveillance, wireless)
  • incivility, and
  • gambling and corruption?

Long-term, will the cure be worse than the virus? ANSWER: We won’t know for a long time.

Did Donald Trump demonstrate willful ignorance of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Has the social, emotional, and intellectual value of online games been confirmed during this period of virus isolation?

To open or not to open the economy, that is the question.

Will COVID-19 be the death of the handshake?

What happens when you intersect Godzilla with Easter?

Is COVID-19 sending us an emergency signal about humans expanding destructive impact on the biosphere and ourselves?

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic kill the globalization momentum?

Has China strategically created a credit crisis in Africa and other countries by loaning vast sums of money (no cash collateral, few restrictions) to fund infrastructure development?

How is the U.S. economy going to recover from this disaster?

When can America go back to work?

Are kids now officially citizens of a dual world, real and virtual?

Are we ready for medical rationing and its unintended consequences?

Does authoritarianism actually help in a crisis, or is the more important requirement how much the people trust their leaders?

Does the military take climate change as a serious national security threat?