March 2020

March 2020

Scott Pickard / Daily Questions / March 2020

Has this forced online family distance-learning experience during the self-quarantining COVID-19 crisis confirmed the importance of brick-and-mortar schools for kids?

Will doctors be replaced by algorithms that will automatically assign an economic value to human life and make medical decisions accordingly?

After decades of decreased funding and demonization of the federal bureaucracy, has the coronavirus crisis exposed the tragic ineffectiveness of federal leadership at a most critical moment when we need it?

Since no one has any immunity to the new coronavirus, could the coronavirus over two years approach a global mortality rate of 2%, roughly the same as the Spanish Flu of 1918?

In our lifetimes, can we change for the better? Do we change for the better?

Is our compulsive use of digital devices out of balance?

Is coal collapsing faster than predicted?

Are we caught in a looming moral disaster trying to balance the number of lives lost against damage to the economy?

When is the right time to go back to work for the greater good? Should this be decided by one man?

Is this the new normal (for awhile)?

Why do we love the road trip?

Is Trump a schill for the secretive global anti-democratic Traditionalism movement?

With regard to Coronavirus, shouldn’t the American public be preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best? If “yes,” has President Trump followed that principle from the beginning of this crisis?

Do we fully realize how much we are manipulated?

How do we insure that our political system elects a president that serves the majority of American citizens, and not just half?

Does the U.S. need such a large and expensive military?