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Should Trump be removed?

If it’s all “perfect,” then why did Trump: (a) order an army of people to keep everything secret during the withholding of funds; and (b) stonewall and cover it up after the fact? Trials have witnesses, cover-ups don’t.

Courage: Senators, don’t sell out just to keep your job.

Has exculpatory evidence ever been withheld by the defense in a trial that would exonerate the defendant? If NO, why is Trump blocking 4 key witnesses to testify? I think the answer is obvious.

Is this “Russia thing” over? What’s going on between Trump, Putin, and Russia?

Would you want J.R. Ewingcovetous, egocentric, manipulative, and an amoral oil baron with psychopathic tendencies — to be your president? Of course not! Then why would you want Trump to be your president?

If Trump can “fall in love” with Kim Jong-un and Putin — two of the most despotic totalitarian rulers in the world — why can’t he be at least civil with the American people?

How well do we know Donald Trump, the man? Current and ex-Whitehouse staffers say he is vile and ludicrous. Does your intuition tell you that some measure of this is true? Is this acceptable for a President of the United States?

Why should we lower the standards for the President and the White House that we Americans uphold in our own lives?

Just because Trump believes in a wacky and false conspiracy theory in his head, it is not a valid defense for saying and doing the wrong thing. If we don’t shine the light of accountability on Trump, like a cockroach in the night he will raid every cabinet in the kitchen. (sp)


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