Big Questions

Big Questions

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That’s a great question.

Are we caught in a looming moral disaster trying to balance the number of lives lost against damage to the economy?

What are the biggest long-term risks to the global economy?

What are the long-term social implications of Artificial Intelligence?

Are science fiction’s themes of a Dystopian Society disturbingly visible in today’s world? The United States?

Should the mega-wealthy commit to reducing the destructive effects of economic inequality?

How do we live in a world where disinformation is inevitable? Are a handful of internet companies facilitating the greatest propaganda machine in history?

Is Trump a schill for the secretive global anti-democratic Traditionalism movement?

When it comes to Virtual Reality’s impact on kids, how long is too long? How young is too young?

Does the U.S. need such a large and expensive military?

How do we insure that our political system elects a president that serves the majority of American citizens, and not just half?