Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

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Big Questions

Birds of a feather.

How is justice ever served when He said and She said?

Timeline of how the scandal unfolded, 2017 – today.

Is Bannon’s “traditionalism” just a cover for what lies underneath which at the core is elitist supremacy over the meek who shall not inherit the earth.

War for Eternity: Inside Bannon’s Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers by Benjamin R Teitelbaum

So, did all the Supreme Court Justices (nominated by Trump) lie during their confirmation hearings?

The modern Republican Party is about using the power of the government to enforce the beliefs of a radical minority on the majority of Americans.

Is your company/institution courageous?

  • Can you withstand internal and external pressures and financial risks, and still do the right and moral thing?
  • Do you support and stand by your employees and constituents?

Are the oil giants lying to Congress about spreading disinformation on climate change?

Will the Sackler Family behind Purdue Pharma ever face true justice for the opioid epidemic?

Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty
by Patrick Radden Keefe

Truth and Fairness and the Scales of Justice

How is it that we can bomb a million innocent women, men and children in the name of “democracy” with no accountability, while one desperate addict can go to jail for life for selling drugs on the street?


Did Trump and Barr undermine the integrity of the Justice Department? Is the normalization of redaction creating a fog of secrecy that obstructs democratic vigilance, accountability, and justice?

Should Russia be banned from all global sport including 2021 Olympics and 2022 World Cup for planting fake evidence and deleted files linked to positive doping tests?

Is Boeing being made fully accountable for its actions?

What is the greater risk to our democracy: That our adversaries lie to us? Or that our own government, politicians, and corporations lie to us?


Social Parasites

Religion, sports, corporations, schools, retirement homes, prisons, police and the military are massive global communities that attract people who want to do good to make a difference in the world. But because they are so huge and complex, they also attract a percentage of impostors with bad intentions who infiltrate and hide within these professions to silently and secretly pursue evil and wreak havoc.

Like parasites, they are embedded inside their host. Their leverage is magnified by many times because they operate in an environment of trust which enables them to ambush kids and adults they are sworn to serve and protect.

This is a dark corner of human nature that will be very difficult to stamp out:

  • some priests and ministers will molest children;
  • some cops will occasionally kill people on the street; and
  • some soldiers will torture and rape the women of their enemies
  • some guards will wield and abuse their power inside prisons.

Our only hope is to be constantly vigilant and never give up on the ideal of giving every woman, man, and child a chance to grow up in a safe and loving environment without abuse, without violence, without trauma, so that we stop replanting over and over the seeds of evil that may someday sprout again.


Child abuse within the Catholic Church

Hall of Shame

Fool Me Once: Scams, Stories, and Secrets from the Trillion-Dollar Fraud Industry by Kelly Richmond Pope


Corporations, CEOs, Boards:


Is THE LAW, above the law?

Courts, Justices, Attorneys:

Data Privacy: Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Despots: greed: The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management Sharman



Health Care & Pharmaceutical Industry:

Immigration: separation & abuse: Immigrant Children

Kings & Queens et al

Legal Profession: sexual harassment: Alan Dershowitz, Brett Kavanaugh

Media: extortion: American Media/National Inquirer | evangelical extremism: Sinclair Broadcasting

Oil & Gas Industry:

Pay-to-Play: largest admissions scandal in history | The Price of Admission Golden | anything for a profit: Heineken in Africa van Beemen 



Ponzi: Bernie Madoff



All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir by Beth Moore


Sports & Athletes:



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