All The (Former) President’s Fixers

All The (Former) President’s Fixers

Big Questions

The difference between you and us, Mr. McCarthy, is you want to know why there weren’t more locks on the doors; but we want to know why insurrectionists are trying to break through our doors of democracy in the first place!


Who planned and led the January 6, 2021 insurrection? Who gave the orders? Who was complicit? What was their objective and how would they achieve it? Who knew what, where, when, why and how at the top?

Trump awards three the Presidential Medal of Attack-Doggedness

Is there a pattern of un-justice at the Justice Department these days, where criminal judgments always tilt in favor of political allies?

Is Michael Flynn lying about lying he lied?

What happened to Giuliani?

Is Trump a schill for

Fixers Hall of Shame

Atlas, Scott | Azar, Alex | Barr, William | Bannon, Steve | Barrett, Amy Coney | Brooks, Mo | Carlson, Tucker | Cippolone, Pat | Cohen, Michael | Conley, Sean | Conway, Kellyanne | Cruz, Ted | DeJoy, Louis | Derschowitz, Allen | DeVoss, Betty Ann | diGenova, Joe | Dobbs, Lou | Giuliani, Rudy | Graham, Lindsey | Greene, Marjorie Taylor, Guilfoyle, Kimberly | Flynn, Michael | Jordan, Jim | Hannity, Sean | Hawley, Josh | Hicks, Hope | Ingraham, Laura | Johnson, Ron | Jordan, Jim | Kavanaugh, Brett | Kushner, Jared | Levin, Mark | Limbaugh, Rush | Manafort, Paul | McCarthy, Kevin | McConnell, Mitch | McEnany, Kayleigh | Meadows, Mark | Miller, Stephen | Mnuchin, Steve | Mulvaney, Mick | Navarro, Peter | Nunes, Devin | Parnas, Lev | Pecker, David | Pence, Mike | Pompeo, Mike | Rivera, Heraldo | Sanders, Sarah | Skelow, Jay | Sondland, Gordon | Stone, Roger | Trump, Donald Jr. | Trump, Eric | Trump, Ivanka | Trump, Melania | Weisselberg, Allen

The Dystrumpia Appointee Shuffle:

Contribute BIG to Trump
Get appointed by Trump
Break the rule of law for Trump
Get tweet-fired by Trump

Find new appointee



Trump Gives America the Finger

How does it feel, America, to be given the finger by Donald Trump and a thousand of his pay-to-play cronies crammed together on the White House south lawn wearing no masks to worship their “Chosen One,” and broadcast on network TV complete with fireworks?

What an insult to hundreds of millions of good Americans and their children who have played by the rules, many taking great risks as front line caretakers, worn masks and kept their social distance, each one doing their part to protect those around them and their community.

But not Trump. Not his cronies and family. As one of them said, “We’re all going to get it anyway.” That kind of selfish, ignorant anti-science arrogance is what the White House and Dystrumpia are all about.

So be it, Dystrumpia. There will be a reckoning for your misdeeds on January 20, 2021. It’s time to kick the “Chosen Corrupt One” out of the Oval Office and let the civil and criminal lawsuits begin against him so that he gets what he has deserved for a long time.


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